Three hard core years of 80’s fashion revival. Three years! That’s a whopping total of six fashion seasons and there’s more on the way. Skinny jeans, flat ankle boots, neon, oversized blazers, shoulder pads, waist-cinching belts, high-waisted pants, rah-rah skirts, off-the-shoulder necklines, sack dresses, flat oxfords, banded tops, plastic jewelry, bat-winged sleeves, ankle length pants, leg warmers, leggings, baggy tunics, Ponte pants, cobalt blue, bright fuchsia and pointy toed stiletto pumps.

Wow. What a tribute to what was known as “the decade of anti-fashion”.

I think that designers have done a brilliant of job of reinterpreting the good parts of 80’s fashion, making it more modern and more flattering than it was 25 years ago. Aside from my initial wobble with the rebirth of skinny jeans right at the start of the trend, I am all over everything that has an 80’s element. Initially, many of my clients were dead set against all silhouettes that remotely resembled the decade. But I’m proud to say that’s changed because fabric technology and good design has come a long way. And adjusting our eyes to new looks helps.

So ladies, after three years and counting, have you warmed to the resurgence of 80’s fashion? Did you like it from the word go? Can you manage it in small doses? Or do you wish it would disappear?