Shades of olive, green teals, blue jades, mid-tone seafoams, and a rich forest green are popular on YLF and with my clientele. They are generally cool-toned. Brighter greens like Kelly, emerald, lime, kiwi, and apple green are less popular. These greens have yellow, which gives them a warmer, brighter, and sour appearance. They are my favourite greens, and my colour of the year.

1. Bright Lime

Lime green is one of my favourite colours. Some tones border on neon, while others are almost chartreuse. Seeing sour greens at retail launches me into orbit. It’s not a common colour, and I LOVE it! Here, retailer COS combined bright lime with solid white and black items. The lime can take centre stage, or be worn as an accent. I’ve bought some of the lime COS items, and will be wearing them with navy and blue denim instead of black, and a whole lot of off-white and cream. I’ll throw in some whiskey, shocking pink, Dutch orange, turquoise, chocolate, and tomato red too.

Here’s a sporty rendition of the colour combination. A column of white, made up of white jeans and a sweater, is topped with a short lime puffer. It’s completed and complemented with black lug-sole boots and wristlet. Personally, I think a black crossbody bag would be more practical.

Bright Lime

2. Sour Olive

If the acidity of the types of greens that I like aren’t your cup of tea, try a sour olive with earth tones and neutrals. Here, a yellow olive silk blouse is combined with a pair of pinstriped charcoal trousers. It’s topped with a slouchy bouclé cardigan in a very brown shade of olive. Black shoes and belt match the model’s dark hair and almost match the charcoal grey bottoms. I see a black or brown bag with the outfit.

Sour Olive

3. Vivid Kelly

Kelly green is gorgeous with neutrals. Here, a sour green skirt enjoys the company of cream and earthy animal print and the visual effect is striking. A fab look for a dressier setting, and one that keeps you warmer if you wear pumps or boots instead of sandals. Add nude-for-you pantyhose for more warmth, and a tan, chocolate or toffee coat over the lot. The addition of a metallic bag could be fab.

Vivid Kelly

4. Crisp Apple

Last, if you like the idea of sour green, but don’t want to wear too much of it, wear it in a pattern as an accent. Here, the crisp apple green features in the bottom part of the sleeves of the blouse, and that’s it. Neutral faded jeans and black boots complete the outfit. The black boots work well with the model’s dark hair. I see a bag that picks up one of the colours of the blouse. Add jewellery, watch, and eyewear as desired.

Crisp Apple