In my twenty years of being a fashion stylist I have found that there are three items that are universally hard to fit across a range of body types. Family and friends seem to agree. 

1. Bras

Despite the vast assortment of bra silhouettes, styles, widths, and cup sizes across a range of fabrics and price points, it can be very tricky to find a bra that fits perfectly, feels comfortable, and looks fantastic. Breasts vary greatly in size, shape and distribution, plus the bust can be a physically and emotionally sensitive part of the body to dress. All this contributes to the difficulty of finding bras that are a comfortable fit.

When I find a bra style and size that works well, I have several of the same style in rotation, and replenish them over and over again. It’s no joke when retail discontinues a bra that you like.

2. Tall Tailored Boots

Tailored knee-high boots that fit well around the lower leg are very hard to find. They must be tailored and polished, which means they don’t slouch, gape, pinch, wrinkle too much, or come up too high on the leg. Unlike bras, tall boots do not come in a diverse set of widths and heights. People’s lower legs differ greatly in width and length, and therein lies the problem. If your legs do happen to fall within the standard dimensions of tall boots, you won’t find them hard to fit. But that’s a tall order!

3. Eyewear

There is a plethora of eyewear available. An almost infinite variety of widths, lengths, depths, styles, fabrics, colours and vibes. Yet it can be very hard to find the correct fit that works with your face, head shape and prescription, is comfortable, stays on your face, and is the right vibe for your style. Eyewear can be too square, round, wide, narrow, deep, heavy, and make your face droop. They can also work against the shape and position of your brows, and the arch of your nose. Sunglasses are often easier to fit because they  generally cover more of the face, making their shapes more forgiving.

Personally, I find all three items hard to fit. I’ve been ordering the same style of bra for years. Despite my efforts to branch out, nothing fits as well or is more comfortable than what I currently wear. Narrow calves have made finding comfortable tall tailored boots almost impossible. After looking for fifteen years, I finally found a pair. I have a small head and face, which makes most eyewear too wide and deep. 

Over to you. Are these items hard to fit for you too? And are there any others you would add to the list?