Tweed (or bouclé jackets) are a staple every year, but this year they are enjoying a fashion moment. The short, fairly fitted, and collarless Chanel-esque version is a classic Spring tweed jacket look, but there are other variations on the theme. There are versions with collars, fluid and boxy fits, and shrunken blazer shapes. There are shacket styles, long blazers looks, and oversized silhouettes too.

Here are some examples.

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A popular way of wearing Spring tweed jackets is to combine them with a layering tee or knitted top, jeans, dressier shoes, bag, and jewellery as desired. A graphic tee, or patterned one instead of a solid can be an interesting way to pattern mix with the tweed of the jacket.

Here are four unusual ways of incorporating a Spring tweed jacket into an outfit. The palettes here are fairly neutral, but feel free to use a palette that is to your taste.

1. Wide Pants and Metallic Shoes

Combine a pair of wide pants, pleated or flat front, with a slim layering top. They can be rigid or drapey. Here the pants are extra long and a potential tripping hazard, so choose a length that works best for you. Wide crops are another way to go. Pop a cropped Spring tweed jacket over the top. The jacket can be fitted, or boxy. A shorter jacket creates particularly nice proportions because it adds structure to the volume of the pants. Metallic shoes add shine, and the fisherman sandals here are an on-trend choice.

Wide Pants and Metallic Shoes

2. Slouch and Sneakers

Combine a pair of barrel, balloon, or lantern jeans with a graphic tee. Pop a long and oversized Spring tweed blazer over the lot. The slouch of the blazer complements the width of the jeans. The tapered hems of the jeans create an effective bit of structure. Add hi-top sneakers to keep your ankles warm. A pair of socks in a subtle pattern to match the outfit could work well too.

Slouch and Sneakers

3. Utility Pretty

Cargo pants and their parachute pants cousin are the casual pant of the year. Combine utility bottoms with a Spring tweed jacket and see what happens. You’ll either like or dislike the juxtaposition, but no harm in trying. If cargo skirts are your thing, try that version too. Here, the shoes of choice are high-heeled Mary Jane pumps to amp up the dressy and pretty, with a small structured bag to match. I see pretty low-heeled pumps and dressy flats too. Or throw on a pair of dressy and refined boots. But if you prefer a combat or lug-soled boot – go for it. Juxtapose and allow the creative juices to flow.

Utility Pretty

4. Swoosh and Socks

Last, combine a swooshy dressy midi or midaxi skirt with a Spring tweed jacket. The shorter the jacket, the more traditionally flattering the proportions. This one is longer, just to change things up. Finish off the look with socks and loafers to amp up the edge. Here, the light blue loafers are mismatched, but their black soles tie them back together with the rest of the outfit. A pair of boots or pumps could work well if that’s more your thing. Or add black hosiery to this outflt and leave off the socks. Add jewellery, bag and watch as desired.

Swoosh and Socks