The Kit reports that adaptive fashion is making personal style more accessible. TikTok influencer Natasha Caudill shares with Allure why so much make-up isn’t accessible to people with visual impairments. Chloé Valentine Toscano explains how nail art helped make her prosthetic arm a truer extension of herself.

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In her attempt to buy only resale garments for a year (aside from shoes and undergarments), April enjoyed this list of tips. She adds: “One thing I would appreciate in lists like this is how to reject “fast fashion” when one’s budget is miniscule.”

Dee is getting tired of all the attention given to this type of “stunt dressing.”

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I Let ChatGPT Dress Me for a Week—Here’s What Happened.” BlueJay says: “Discussions about ChatGPT have gone viral, not just on the internet, but even discussions with my friends and colleagues. The implications for the future of work, art, music, etc., are incredible and almost unbelievable. I know it’s blatant marketing, but kudos to Emma Steinburgs, Senior Brand Associate at M.M.Lafleur for an irresistible subject line.