Footwear of the ‘90s is trending big time, and the fisherman sandal is part of that. It’s a high-vamped sandal with a distinctive set of interwoven straps across the toe box, and a strap across the ankle with a buckle. Of all the ‘90s footwear that is currently having its fashion moment, the fisherman sandal is more of a fringe look. 

Fisherman sandals come in all sorts. In the ‘90s they were generally black and heavy, but today there is an assortment of colours, and those with lug soles are more lightweight. Fisherman sandals today can be chunky, refined, heeled, flat, platform, and flatform. Their straps can be narrow or wide. Most have t-straps, but some don’t. Most styles enclose the toe, but some don’t. Buckles can be subtle or make a statement. Some versions look like stilettos, mules, and clogs.

The collection below shows a nice assortment. My guess is that the chunkier styles are an acquired taste.

SeaVees Solana Sandal
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I’ve seen fisherman sandals work really well on those who enjoy wearing them. The chunky black versions have a hard edge that can complement a tough style that incorporates a lot of black. The playful flatforms look futuristic and animated. The clogs have a softer integrity, and the refined versions look more classic. Practically, you have to make sure that your pinky toe is securely positioned so that it doesn’t get caught in the opening of the interwoven straps.

Personally, I like the flat or low-heeled, refined versions like the pricey examples below. They have a lighter and prettier look about them, which would better suit my low-volume feet and style. I particularly like how the fisherman sandal covers a lot of the foot and toes. Better protection for my feet. I would absolutely wear a pair that fit, were comfortable, and did not break the bank.

Over to you. Would you wear a version of the fisherman sandal?

Reformation Andreas Fisherman Sandal