This formula made me super happy, as I have a lot of tweed jackets, most old (>3 years) or very old (>5 years), with two newer ones, one from last spring and one from this spring. Tweed jackets/items are also a perfect fit for my spring "Modernica/Modern Romance" theme. Hence I decided to give myself a mini-challenge to wear all of my spring-appropriate tweed jackets over two weeks at least once. For work I try to stick to my spring theme/colors, while out of work I can relax that occasionally, and executing a recent outfit formula is the most common reason to do so.

So here is the first set, and another one will follow in a week. Graphic/patterned tees were the common layering items. The first four outfits are variations of the first formula, and the other three are one per formula.

Wide Pants, Metallic Shoes and Cropped Tweed Jacket
This is my favorite formula, and I wore it in four versions, two work outfits with wide pants and two casual outfits with wide jeans. In one of them I used white sneakers instead of metallic shoes.

1) Nautical-light work "Modernica" outfit (#1-2): super old white tweed jacket over red striped tee and wide navy pants, with pewter pumps and navy bag. It was quite cold that day so I added a cream coat and dotty scarf.
2) "Modern Romance" work outfit (#3-4), where the romance part was added through textured cream rose lace top. The navy tweed cropped bomber jacket is new, from this spring. Navy tweed bomber, cream lace top, navy/wine plaid wide pants, silver oxfords.
3) A casual version ( #5-7) with the same bomber, wide jeans (Nili Lotan for Target) hemmed at the new short full length, new cream corset tee and sneakers. The tee is one of my "inexpensive trendy white spring tops" purchase series, and will post them all later this week.
4) A smart casual version (#8-9), with cropped plaid open navy tweed jacket, graphic tee, relatively slim wide leg jeans and matte silver pointy shoes.

Slouch and Sneakers
I don't like barrel/balloon jeans on myself, however I accidentally ended up with a barrel-lite version in blush recently. I was buying something from a site where I needed to get something extra for free shipping, so I decided to try these blush Weekend Max Mara jeans which were at huge discount. The original item was cancelled, but the jeans came and, surprisingly, they weren't relaxed straights as I thought but somewhere between relaxed straight and barrel cut. I surprisingly liked them on myself so kept them.
5) Here (#10-12) the blush jeans were combined with graphic tee, long but not slouchy ( it is quite tailored) cream/black blazer and cream Converse. It was another chilly day so I added a black coat and patterned scarf on the top.

Utility Pretty
Or rather, Utility Sporty in this version. A true "Pretty" version is coming next week.
6) In this outfit (#13), black tweed cropped moto was combined with wide olive cargo pants, graphic tee and white sneakers.

Swoosh and Socks
My version swaps high top Converse for loafers & socks, but otherwise stays true to the formula with swishy midi skirt and longer tweed jacket. A version with loafers and socks coming next week.
7) In the final outfit for the first week (#14-15), there is a matching lilac tweed jacket and high-top Converse worn over column of off-white: graphic tee and dotty pleated skirt.

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