Here are practical and visually fab ways to layer in chilly weather. Note the types of items that are being layered, their lengths, their proportional mix, and the levels of contrast between them. Note which of the colours are repeated in the outfit, and which are not. Choose any colour palette. 

1. Skinnies and Maxi Coat

A pair of cherry red skinnies are combined with a very fluid and cropped twinset in a black and cream graphic pattern. The roominess of the sweaters offsets the form-fitting bottoms. A pair of black and chunky mid-calf lug-soled boots grounds the outfit. A roomy maxi puffer covers the lot and covers most of the leg of the skinnies, especially when zipped up. The black tote matches the boots, coat, and pattern of the sweaters.

Skinnies and Maxi Coat

2. Wide Legs and Maxi Coat

Here, a fairly fitted patterned Fair Isle sweater vest is layered over a fitted cream turtleneck. They are short, but feel free to wear them longer. Those layers are worn over a pair of bubblegum pink wide leg corduroy pants. A cream maxi puffer tops the lot. A pair of cream lug-soled boots with black trim grounds the look. The cream matches the cream coat and cream top. The black accents match the model’s hair. The pants are worn at the new shorter full length, so without a break line. The point is to showcase footwear. A gigantic checked scarf in pinks, yellows, and oranges pick ups similar colours in the outfit.


3. Loose Layers and a Flared Skirt

A long and oversized white shirt is worn over a flared and pleated black midi skirt. An oversized stone vest is layered over the shirt. A maxi camel trench coat is worn over the layers. The hems of the trench and skirt are almost the same. Black socks and loafers add a dramatic and hard-edged touch, and create a pseudo boot. A black beanie and bag match the black socks and footwear. I find coats this length fably versatile.


4. Cropped Lengths

Three items in this outfit are cropped and they work well together. A tan pair of relaxed straight cropped pants is combined with a striped tan and orange tucked fitted ribbed sweater. A short fluid orange cardigan is worn over the fitted tee and buttoned almost all the way through like a pullover. A cream cropped puffer vest – or body warmer as I call them – is layered over the top layers. Cream lug-soled boots with high shafts cover the exposed ankle skin created by the cropped length of the pants. Their low contrast to the pants lengthens the leg line and matches the cream body warmer. A casual cognac crossbody completes the look. Add jewellery, watch and headgear as desired.