A few months ago I had an interesting epiphany while working with one of my clients. As we were putting together complete, head-to-toe Winter outfits, I made a point of giving my client fewer footwear options with each look. One or two was great, and three was pushing it. That’s because I know from past experience that she is a little overwhelmed by multiple footwear options. As she puts it, “I do better with fewer pairs of shoes”. She prefers to keep two to three footwear options by the door and wear those for a couple of months with almost all her outfits. As the weather changes, the shoes by the door change too. Of course, special occasion and workout shoes are swapped out as needed.

I have a larger shoe capsule than my client, and wear many more different pairs over a two to three month period. That said, I can relate to having and preferring fewer pairs of shoes because within a season, I don’t swap them out that much. I seem to latch onto the same three or so pairs for a while and wear the heck out of them. Maybe it’s because I’m not a big shoe person. Maybe it’s because I need ample comfort for my walking lifestyle. Maybe it’s because the rest of my outfit does the primary talking, and shoes are secondary. Maybe, like my client, I like to streamline and simplify my style by having fewer shoe options. Maybe it’s all of the above. I definitely don’t want many pairs of shoes. Good thing, since we have very limited storage capacity in our loft.

Over to you. Do you prefer having fewer pairs of shoes to choose from in a given season? If so, tell us why. If you love shoes and have many pairs, do you wear them and swap them out regularly? Or do you latch onto the same few pairs and wear the heck out of those.