Some people don’t like mixing warm and cool colours in the same outfit. Personally, I like the effect, and encourage you to wear it if it tickles your fancy. Here, cool grey, white and a bit of blue are combined with different browns. I’ve helped clients pull these looks together, and adore it on them. A few of our forum members wear the combination with panache too.

Think of any way to combine shades of brown with grey. Add blue and white if you like. Here are the examples to get you started.

1. Columned Grey with Warm Support Act

Create a column of grey with a dress or separates. Throw a grey, Winter white, and brown topper over the top like a coat, cardigan or shacket. Finish off the look with tan or toffee footwear and a handbag to match. Keep the topper a warm solid earth tone if that’s more your thing. I can see Winter white boots and bag work well here too.

Columned Grey with Warm Support Act

2. Grey, White and Brown

This is a good way to wear warm, earthy colours away from your face. Combine a white shirt with a grey pullover and leave it untucked. Combine that with a pair of bottoms and boots in a warm shade of brown. I like how the white shirt makes the grey punchy and crisp. But feel free to leave out the white, and combine a grey top with brown bottoms. The right shade of grey or silver footwear will work well too. I vote a brown, silver or white bag.

Grey White and Brown

3. Patterned Grey and Solid Cinnamon

Combine a pair of grey jeans or pair of pants with a grey and white patterned top. Feel free to keep the top solid grey. Throw over a jacket or coat in a shade of brown, like this yummy cinnamon. Complete the look with a white complement that picks up the white in the pattern. If white shoes, belt and bag are not your thing, keep them tan, silver, or a shade of brown.

Patterned Grey and Solid Cinnamon

4. Light Blue Instead of Grey

Substitute light blue for grey. I don’t wear grey, so this would be my strategy. I also like the addition of the blue jeans that cool down the earth tones. Combine blue jeans with an earthy patterned top. Layer a light blue denim shirt and an earthy jacket or coat over the top. Finish off the look with tan, brown or cream footwear, and a bag to match. A light blue bag would be a yummy addition. The belt is optional. Add jewellery, watch, eyewear, and headgear as desired.

Light Blue Instead of Grey