I’ve been following Fashionista’s “The Future of Sustainable Materials” series with interest: “As sustainability becomes an increasingly pressing priority in fashion and beauty, we explore the innovations that could pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.” Here are three articles to get you started:

Fab Links from Our Members

Stagiaire Fash enjoyed The story behind the nap dress and the woman who made it go viral.

She also has her doubts behind the motives of the pro-aging trend that might be replacing the anti-aging concept.

This BBC article about fast fashion just reiterates why Minaminu is against it.

Suntiger absolutely loved these vintage fashion photos from the 1940s and pics of old Hollywood stars on vacation.

Nuancedream says: “I don’t know when European travel might be on my radar again, but Susan has mastered the travel wardrobe. I think I need that Uniqlo lightweight puffer jacket.”

In this video, Vildy discovered some great new-to-her methods for hanging pants and jeans securely, and to conserve vertical space when you have none.

Michael Kors is opening a store in Auckland, and Jenni NZ enjoyed reading up on the American designer.

As Shevia is looking forward to the upcoming Gucci movie, she wanted to share this article about the brand turning 100.

“Pour yourself a drink and get comfortable, because Amanda Hallay’s fascinating mini-documentary on Maurizio Gucci’s murder is going to keep you glued to your seat,” says Mary Beth.

L’Abeille directs us to this Atlantic article about one of e-commerce’s biggest problems: returns.

This article on fashionable adaptive clothing caught Nikki’s attention.

Runcarla thoroughly enjoyed this tender little piece on a family who grows roses (and other flowers) for Chanel.

She also thought the Dior Spring/Summer 2022 show was absolutely wonderful.