It’s six weeks until the end of the year, and I can barely believe it. Time flies faster each year, and the busier you are, the faster it flies. Gone are the days when time dragged on and I wished it would speed up. Now I wish for five extra hours a day. Unfortunately that won’t happen, but I can try to be more organized about my time. Considering the chronic worldwide supply chain challenges and shipment delays, I’ve started Christmas shopping early this year. On that note, here are some items that might make good gifts, or fill a few wardrobe holes.

1. Alexander McQueen Scarves

McQueen scarves with skull designs are an iconic classic. They have a great assortment at the Rack at discounted prices at the moment. They are pricey, but cheaper than full price. Be sure to check out the more intricate designs that showcase botanicals and serpents with skulls.

2. Vanicream Skincare Products

I have sensitive skin that is prone to dermatitis and eczema. I’ve had extensive dermatological testing done this year, and found that I’m allergic to a few chemicals, metals, and natural products. I have a safe list of beauty products that I can use, and Vanicream products are my favourire. They are very gentle, moisturizing, and do the trick. I use the cleanser twice a day. I use the ointment and the moisturizer on my face twice a day too. I apply the ointment first, and the moisturizer afterwards. I use the ointment on my hands and feet because why not! It’s very effective for dry cuticles. I am about to try the sunscreen. I don’t use foundation or tinted moisturizer, and am generally happy with the appearance of my skin. For what it’s worth, you might like to look into these products if you are prone to irritation like I am.

3. Ralph Lauren Knitwear

Ralph Lauren is a good mix of trendy classic and casual elegance. At this time of year, you’ll find neutrals, earth tones, and holiday colours in their collections. I’ve been having a good run with their quality, and bought the Chain-Print Crewneck Sweater in navy. It’s cotton, like a lot of their knitwear, which is excellent if you’re allergic to wool. There are some fun metallics, Fair Isles, and patterns. Cables are signature, and you’ll find knitted skirts to match the sweaters. Some great basic wardrobe essentials too. I have my eye on a few more of these pieces,

4. Melrose and Market Soft Ribbed Knit Beanie

This super soft, comfy and cosy $10 beanie was a GREAT find for my small head. It can be worn slouchy or fitted and turned-back with a cuff on the rim. I wear it both ways, and am looking for a solid scarf to match. Comes in four colours, and I got the shocking pink. I wish it came in cream and citron.

5. Beauty Advent Calendars

We’ve been talking about advent calendars filled with fun beauty products on the forum. It can be a nice way to pamper yourself daily in December, especially if you’ve had a tough year. A little YOU time each day because you’re worth it. Or perhaps send one to someone who deserves a little TLC. Here are some lovely ones across a range of price points. Some of them are for twelve days if that’s more appealing. I’ve included some candle and accessory options too. I particularly like the Rituals one — a Dutch brand — with the Dutch decorative houses.