These outfit ideas are for Team Drape, which is all about voluminous fits, cascading layers, loads of drape, and just enough structure in the right places. These are not traditionally flattering proportions that create waist definition, a streamlined silhouette, a long leg line, or showcase curves. Instead, these proportions often do the opposite, which can be an acquired taste. 

Personally, I find these looks flattering in an avant-garde, interesting, arty, comfy, and fun way. They can also be useful when you don’t want to draw attention to the outline of your figure. Some of my clients thoroughly enjoy dressing this way, and they span a range of body types and sizes. It’s a look that is beyond body type, and everyone can wear a version of it if they are so inclined.

Two of the looks here have toppers and two don’t. Choose any colour palette, and create your own versions of the vibe.

1. Draped Jacket and Draped Pants

A pair of drapey and very roomy lantern pants is combined with a soft and fluid white knitted top which is worn untucked. It’s topped with a roomy draped jacket that has a bit of a fishtail. Keeping the jacket open creates a vertical line down the centre front of the body, which draws the eye up and down. The white footwear is a good choice because it picks up the white in the top and in the patterned topper. The repetition creates effective outfit cohesion, pulling the look together. The lantern pants, although very wide, taper a little at the ankle, creating very subtle structure.

Daped Jacket and Draped Pants

2. Tunic and Lantern Pants

A patterned tunic is combined with a pair of lantern pants in a complementary pattern. The colour palettes of both patterns are the same, which pulls the look together. The asymmetrical hemline on the tunic is a clever way of adding subtle structure to the outfit. The short length on the one side of the tunic showcases more of the pants, thereby drawing the eye up and down which elongates the leg line. If the tunic was one long length, the leg line would look shorter because most of the pants are covered. Summery sandals complete the breezy vibe.

Tunic and Lantern Pants

3. Mega Volume over Lean Bottoms

This is the most voluminous and drapey top of the lot, and quite architectural. Tent Fabness! Its volume is greatly tempered by the addition of a slim and straight skirt, thereby creating a good bit of tailoring. Heeled footwear would look great here, but I do like that they showed the outfit with flat slides that add a relaxed, modern, and Summery touch. The high-contrast black slides bookend the model’s hair, which works well to my eye. That said, a pair of low-contrast slides would have created a longer leg line by offsetting the cutting horizontal lines of the black. If there was more black in the outfit, the black slides would work even better.

Mega Volume-over-Lean Bottoms

4. Triple Drape

Three items with varying amounts of drape are combined to create this splendid look. The high contrast between the three items packs a lot of punch, and the draped effect adds busloads of interest. To my eye, the perfect LENGTHS and FITS of the three garments go a long way to making the look sensational through subtle emphasis of figure-flattering proportions. Details like the tailored fit on the shoulders of the jacket and the slim-fit sleeves add effective outfit structure. The white untucked layering top isn’t too long, which lengthens the leg line from the hips upward. The jacket isn’t that long, which further lengthens the leg line from the hips upward. And the lines created by the cascading layers of the topper, and the shark bite hem of the top do their magical diagonal line thing. The silver sandals are a pretty low-contrast finishing touch, and the pendant necklace adds vertical integrity. Beautiful relaxed elegance.

Triple Drape