I really look forward to Friday's posts and seeing if I can pull something together out of my closet. I admit to really loving the arty/volume/architectural look, and I've been intending to add more of these kind of pieces into my wardrobe for some time now. Not easy to locate at retail , is my issue. Anyways.....here is my version: all older pieces from my closet, and the ubiquitous artsy Fly London shoes and artsy long pendant, haha
So I don't know about this . I quite like the top, jacket and pants, but next time (I've already been out and back home in this outfit ) I'd like a different shoe. I felt like a walking cliche. Not sure what that shoe would be , exacly, but something with a little more sophistication , and something sleeker. A pointy toe mule , maybe. I don't wear these black Flys "out in public" - they are work shoes only, for days when I don't want to wear runners and want some height. I have a love/hate relationship with Fly London: I like exactly as many styles as I really DON"T like, but they are so comfortable , and are great summer shoes. I tried a second pair of Flys for a bookending effect, but ultimately chose the black. I'm kind of meh on the pendant too - it's not really my style, but I know it works with the whole look. Not sure what else to do here, other than take off the pendant and wear a statement earring.

You know what's funny though - any look can be seen as a cliche. Right? Is this any more of a cliche than a jeans/shirt/sneakers look? or a chinos/boots/puffer/hair-in-a-bob look (which I saw on at least 3 woman at the grocery store this morning ) ?

Thoughts? I know the black on black is hard to photograph - so if you can't see anything, I get it

coat- Bryn Walker - 10 years old? LOVE this piece, but only wear it once or twice a year
linen tank - Oh My Gauze - 2 years old
linen pants - Old Navy - 2 years old
shoes - Fly London - last year
pendant - random maker from a local boutique

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