You might have more than one of exactly the same wardrobe basic in rotation. For example, I have four of the same beige bras, six of the same beige camisoles, and eight of the same beige knickers to match. I also have two pairs of exactly the same floppy lounge pants, two of the same navy nighties, and many pairs of the same nude-for-me knee-highs.

I’ve also found it useful to have two of exactly the same quiet and simple wardrobe essential in rotation to prevent laundry bottlenecks. For example, I have two of the same of these pairs of jeans and white cotton pullovers. I used to have a few of same white button-down shirts too. The extra is not a spare, but simply another top and bottom in my wardrobe.

I could have bought a different pair of blue jeans and white cotton pullover to cover my needs and add variation. But to keep things very simple, I bought exactly the same because they are versatile workhorses. Does anyone else have more than one of exactly the same item in rotation?