Whenever the topic of duplicates comes up around here, I am baffled. I don’t consider myself a fashionista and wish to keep the amount of time spent thinking about clothes to a minimum,. Most people on YLF, I think, are the opposite, and enjoy reading various fashion sources, shopping, and making outfits and capsules. When I get dressed, I pick each item for a reason. It baffles me that people who like to think about clothes would use a time-saving method like duplication in their wardrobe. Can you help me get my head around this? Is it like an artist stretching their canvas, so the surface to paint on is the same every time, or like having a custom set of tools with which to make looks?

In today’s blog, Cindysmith says that duplication helps her extend the life of her favorites. She has mentioned before that parts of her life grind up clothing, so that makes sense to me. But most of us, from what I can tell, don’t lead overly clothing-destructive lives.

Eliza’s reply “while I crave variety, I also value efficiency and having ‘just the right thing’ available in the moment. I have both enough variety and enough consistency in preferences and needs that the duplications don’t hinder them” also makes sense to me.

Is that it? If you are a duplicator, what other reasons do you have for taking that shortcut?

Note: I also wonder about duplication of underthings; assuming that we dress for ourselves, not for others who see us, why would we not want to wear fun things all the way down? Otoh, do any of you pick out your undies with the rest of your outfit? I think about covering bra straps and OPL when getting dressed, but also about what colors and patterns I’m in the mood for. If I’m half dressed and realize I can’t wear an item I planned for, I don’t go change my basics layer, but I do wrinkle my nose. I can’t picture wearing the same thing daily, even if no one else sees it.

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