I thought this was an intriguing question, and since there are many folks who don’t duplicate items at all, I figured I would share my own multiples.

Rationale for duplication:
• I don’t have my own laundry facilities - it’s shared - and I have to pay per load, so I generally wait until I have a load’s worth of clothes that can be washed together.
• I don’t put jeans in the dryer, so if I wash them, I need an extra day (or maybe two in winter) for them to dry all the way on a rack.
• I can’t count on being able to find a replacement item quickly and easily if a favorite wears out and is discontinued; that’s the reality of being a plus size customer. For example, if I wanted to find a similar fitting and similar quality running jacket to the one I listed below, I am not sure I’d be able to; even that brand doesn’t seem to make jackets like this for plus size customers for the past couple years.
• Athletic clothes get a lot of sweaty use almost every time I wear them and typically need to go in the wash after 1 use. (Number of wears between washes for other items below vary depending on the time of year/climate/temperature and what kind of activity I’m wearing them for - and my tolerance for my pets’ hair on my clothes between washes.)
• These are all items I’ve had for years - 2.5 or more, some much earlier - so usually I’ve purchased the second item after about a year of heavy use of the first item.

Here’s what I’m NOT counting in this exercise:
• When I have the same style/size but in a different color. (I do that a lot, especially for tops and tees but also for pants, skirts, some knit dresses; I also have a couple running shoes in the same style in use at a time because rotating them is kinder to my feet and helps the shoes last longer; but just for fun, I got different colors each time.)
• Unused Backups: When a staple is wearing out, and I’m able to buy an identical backup that I wait to rotate into heavy use once I’m retiring the previous item. (I’ve done this sometime for shoes.)
• Bras/sports bras, underwear, socks; I have many multiples in these categories. Especially for bras, I’m picky about them and don’t have many options in the correct size compared to a smaller cup size, so when something works well, you bet I’ll get more than one.

Here’s what is on my multiples list:
• My favorite black athletic jacket. I have a couple other similar jackets in colors, but black is the most versatile and this jacket also fits me best. (If it had ever come in other colors I’d have scooped them up, but in my size it was only offered in black.) When I got the multiple, the original was long ago discontinued and I was lucky to find it really cheap secondhand in great shape.
• Athletic bodysuit that I sometimes use for loungewear, but more often use for running or yoga, black. (I also have one in a color for some variety, but black is easier to pair with any topper/jacket.)
• A favorite pair of athletic leggings, also in black. (See above; this is a favorite Zella style and I have several of these in bright patterns, but it’s nice to have black, too.)
• My favorite lounge joggers in black. (HEAVILY used during the past year for staying at home.)
• Black knit leggings.
• Green pajama bottoms that I wear frequently.
• Gray distressed jeans
• Mossy green jeans; scooped up this multiple pair mostly because I also found it for a cheap price secondhand, in great condition
• Dark resin-coated jeans; I have 2 pairs each of the 27” and 30” length. They are KIND OF backups because one pair each is older, but all 4 are in use.

Hope that makes sense!

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