What a year. It’s been tough and stressful, and in most ways we’ll be glad to put it behind us. Focussing on the upbeat and positive, here are some short thoughts to wrap up 2020’s style, fashion, retail, entertainment and beyond. These are merely subjective musings, so feel free to agree, disagree, and add to my list. 

Best People on the Planet: Our incomparable healthcare heroes, and especially those on the frontlines in COVID-19 ICU units. They have courageously given, and continue to give, so much of themselves physically and emotionally during the pandemic. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for their tremendous strength, tenacity and energy.

More gratitude and appreciation goes to all other essential workers who have continued to flawlessly and tirelessly do their jobs despite complicated COVID measures and the risks of exposure. You are INCREDIBLE, and we can’t thank you enough.

Personal Highlight of the Year: Turning 50 in July. Hubs Greg, Yorkie Sam and I took the week off and did some very fun things in and around Seattle with social distancing top of mind. In particular, lots of nice walks outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.




Best Sanitized and Moisturized Body Part: Hands.

Best of 2020 Retail: The ongoing flash sales and discounted merchandise. If you were in the mood to shop, this was your bargain-buying year.

Retailer that Hit the Best Note During the Pandemic: Boden, because their pandemic message was sensitive and heartfelt.

Most Popular Clothes of the Year: Athleisure, gear, loungewear, and pyjamas.

Best Addition to My Style: Creating a capsule of “at-home-only footwear” that made me feel more polished and pulled together than wearing slippers all day. Wearing proper shoes while working and staying at home was also a heck of a lot more supportive, and my feet thanked me.

CEO of the Year: Sam


Best New Recipe Source for Baked Goods: Shades of Cinnamon. I’ve made the South African crunchies and Scottish shortbread multiple times because they are Cox Castle favourites. I’ve also made the malva pudding, coconut Bundt cake, gingerbread loaf, apple crumble, and savoury muffins, all of which were top notch. They are amongst the very best recipes I’ve used.

Footwear of the Year: Slippers, sneakers, clogs and Crocs.

Accessory of the Year: Masks

Best TV Show Hair: Nicole Kidman in The Undoing. She’s back to being her natural redhead self, which I prefer. Those cascading red locks are romantically beautiful and are dramatic worn either up or down. Hugh Grant’s neatly messy head of salt and pepper hair was equally fabulous.

Best TV Show Corporate Attire: Shiv Roy from TV show Succession. Another redhead who rocks earth tones with the best of them. Her impeccable modern classic and clean-cut corporate wardrobe was a highlight of the show.

Best Miniseries: The Queen’s Gambit. The captivating story and compelling characters were unique, and the fashion was in a league of its own. The outfits Beth Harmon wore in the last three episodes launched me into orbit. I want quite a few of them.

Most Fun TV Show: Ted Lasso for excellent British humour. Cobra Kai is runner up for the fab ‘80s flashbacks and because I love karate. Star Trek Discovery too, because I love the futuristic technology and strong female leads.

Best Nordic Noir TV Show: Bordertown, which plays in Finland. Dark, mysterious, eerie, and very interesting.

Best Documentary: The Social Dilemma — very thought-provoking.

Best Trends: DYOT (Do Your Own Thing,) WWW (Wear What Works,) and WWYL (Wear What You Love.)

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Retailers with the Most Diverse Models: Universal Standard, Knix, Warp + Weft, American Eagle, Wild Fang, Sheertex, Wray, and Alice Alexander.

Fashion and Style Buzzwords: Sustainability, Gender Fluidity, the ‘90s, Diversity, Casual Comfort, Conscious Consumption, and Size Inclusivity.

The Best Way I Changed My Beauty Routine: Leaving off the tinted moisturizer. I now bat for Team Naked Skin and I’m thrilled about it.

Our Most Fun Pandemic Pastime: Finding remote beaches because going off-leash on the beach is Sam’s absolutely favourite thing to do. And we love beaches too!



Favourite New Beauty Products: These items from Vanicream.

Colour of the Year: Blue in all its hues. I was finally able to purchase a small turquoise capsule.

Biggest Bang for Your Fashion Buck: Wearing the heck out of your wardrobe, and feeling fabulous in it.

Favourite Style Tips: Be patient with your style. Don’t let fashion or your wardrobe boss you around. Listen to how you feel in an outfit. Compare, but don’t despair. Most of all, have fun with fashion.

We at YLF wish you a happy, safe and peaceful New Year’s Eve.