Angie & SamIt’s the last week of 2020, and what a year it has been. The sadness, hardship, anxiety and loss that the world has felt and continues to feel is devastating. If ever there was a time to show our appreciation and gratitude, share affection, be extra thoughtful and kind, support others, enjoy the gift of giving, and fondly remember those who are no longer with us — it’s now. So whether you celebrate Christmas or not, let this be a time to feel comforted and think about the good in your lives. Cook and bake up a storm, eat your favourite foods, dress up, dress down, sing, dance, snuggle, catch up on reading and hobbies, watch tele, enjoy nature, play games, play instruments, meditate, and reach out to loved ones. Be festive your way, and make the most of it.


The residents of the Cox Castle will be having a relaxed and quiet holiday week at home in Seattle. Christmas day is Yorkie Sam’s favourite time of the year because he LOVES to open presents. His chill little persona goes from nice to naughty in a nanosecond when we start to open the presents under the tree. He does not approve of presents that aren’t toys, bones or treats. He turns his little nose up at doggy accessories, or something for me and Greg. But as soon as he gets his toys, he’s the happiest little guy and plays with them relentlessly. That puts an end to our quiet Christmas, and it’s onward to a loud and squeaky new year.

We’ll be slowing things down over the holiday, but will recommence regular weekday posting after new year’s day. We wish you a wonderfully festive season filled with good health, happy moments, fabulous style, peace in your hearts, and lots of love.