With the uncertainty and stress of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we have much bigger things to worry about than fashion and style. For the moment, though, I will continue to write daily updates as I have done since April 2006. It is therapeutic for me, and I hope it’s a welcome distraction for readers of YLF.

I have always taken the responsibility of writing blog posts quite seriously. I have seen first-hand how fashion and style can make a difference in someone’s life, and it’s my goal to bring a little of that to people who read YLF. I hope that my posts will continue to help in some way. Maybe providing a distraction, a sense of normalcy, or something fun and light-hearted to read in the midst of the onslaught of worrisome news.

Together, in blog posts, blog comments, and on the forum, I hope that we can relieve a little of the stress, and amplify some of the things that spark joy for us fashion lovers. And maybe also look forward to the time that we’re beyond the pandemic.

In the meantime, I wish health and safety to you and your family.