These looks are for you if your wardrobe doesn’t veer too far from a black, grey, denim and white palette, and if you prefer to wear pants and jeans to skirts and dresses. The looks are simple, minimal, and quite casual. 

Remember that none of the models are wearing jewellery, handbags, or statement eyewear, all of which can amp up the look, add a little shine, and create interest. So bear that in mind when you think the vibes are boring. Small tweaks can make a big difference.

1. Textural Grey and Volume

A column of charcoal grey is created by pairing two luxurious pieces in dressy fabrics. Trendy cropped dress pants with a high waist and pleats are fabulous with a semi-tucked and oversized cashmere or merino pullover. Relaxed dressy is a very 2020 fashion concept, and this is one way to do it. Flat black oxfords bookend the model’s hair and add a polished touch. White sneakers can work too. Of course, you don’t need to choose an oversized pullover or pleated pants. Wear the components YOUR way.

Universal Standard Melissa High Low Sweater

2. Sporty Comfort

Combine a pair of wide leg track pants with a cropped boxy sweater and finish off the look with sneakers. Here, the black top and bottom create a streamlined column of colour. The tuxedo stripes on the bottoms add interest and pick up the white in the sneakers. The track pants are sported at the new on-trend shorter full length that showcases the shoes. Athleisure with a bit of spunk.

Universal Standard Stephanie Wide-Leg Stripe Pants

3. White Jeans Magic

Combine a pair of white jeans with a grey top, black belt, and black shoes, and Bob’s your uncle. Here, the pullover has been fully tucked to showcase the high-waisted belt, but you can choose to semi-tuck if you like, and with any type of grey top. I love how the belt and shoes amp up the polish of the look.

Everlane The Cheeky Straight Jean

4. Trendy Jeans and Big Shirt

This is my favourite of the lot because I have the jeans, and love white tops and shirts. Combine a pair of trendy jeans with a BIG white trendy shirt or blouse. Semi-tuck it for structure, or leave it out to drape in a straight and architectural way. Finish off the look with neutral dressy flats or white sneakers. Feel free to flip things around by sporting white jeans and a dark blue or black big shirt. I’d wear white loafers here but the black is fab with the model’s black hair. Add jewellery, eyewear, watch and bag as desired.

Everlane The Super Straight Jean