Six months ago I revisited my mustard capsule and decided to keep a pair of waterproof, mustard, lugged sole Gore-Tex Chuck Taylor hi-tops. They were a little heavier than I like, but versatile, comfortable and perfect for the wet Seattle climate. 

On a grey November afternoon it was raining heavily and I needed to walk our little Yorkie Sam.  We put on our raincoats, and I put on the waterproof mustard hi-tops. My happy yellow raincoat worked well with the hi-tops. My own little bit of matchy-matchy sunshine on a rainy day.

We were walking downhill in the rain when I slipped on a large metal sewer plate, falling hard on the top part of my back, and hitting my head. There is no permanent damage. But I did fracture some ribs, jolt my sciatic nerve, and inflame the nerves and muscles at the top of my back. Recovery has been slow but very steady. It’s three months later and I am feeling MUCH better. I’m in physical therapy and hope to feel 100% by July.

Unfortunately, I don’t want to wear these hi-tops again because I associate them with something very negative. A bad fall at the end of a difficult year. I don’t know if the shoes have slippery soles, or whether any shoe would have slipped on that ultra slick metal plate. Either way, these shoes no longer spark joy.

I don’t want other people to slip in these shoes, so I’ll look into having grippy soles put on them before I pass them on.  It’s a pity. I’ve only had them for six months, and I love the way they look. But life is short, and I can’t wear these shoes with a happy heart. My hope is that someone else will.