StyleCaster rounds up 6 watch trends you’ll be seeing more of in 2020.

What it means to wear a watch in the era of mobile phones. The Guardian’s Eva Wiseman writes about how it feels to start wearing a watch again after going without one for years. “It took a week to remember to use it to tell the time, the action of lifting my left wrist so foreign to me that my hand felt weighted, yet I was deeply aware of it, as a statement, a sign.”

I also enjoyed this 2017 essay by Gary Shteyngart about his (and many others’) infatuation with (vintage) watches in a world where most people just use their phone to tell time.

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Angie thought it was nice to see women over 60 sitting front row at Fall 2020 Fashion Week: “Sad that I have to draw attention to it because women of ALL ages should be sitting front row — full stop! I’m inspired by Maye Musk who is wearing blinding brights with neon and looking as chic as ever. I want to do just that when I grow up! Love her silver short hair too.”