These looks are for Team Cobalt. Shades of cobalt vary in saturation and are lighter and brighter than navy. Some are a very bright blue and others more subdued. To my eye, cobalt blue is an easy and effective match with black and white, and that’s how many of my clients wear it. Cobalt blue looks equally good with shades of green, which we’ll save for another day.

On to some outfit ideas. Note how extra great the combination is on those with black or very dark hair.

1. Cobalt Top with Black Pants

This is the easiest combination because most people choose to wear cobalt in the form of a top, and black bottoms are ubiquitous. Combine a cobalt top with black bottoms and finish off the look with black or white footwear. Here, the ribbed dolman sleeve pullover and pleather pants are an interesting textural combination. Wear a black skirt if pants aren’t your thing. Top things off with a black or white coat, cape or wrap.

Eloquii Puff Sleeve Ribbed Sweater

2. Cobalt Skirt with White Top

Combine a cobalt skirt with a white top. Finish things off with black and white zebra footwear and black topper. Sub the white top for black if that’s more your thing, and bookend with black footwear instead of the animal print. Cobalt pants will work as well as the skirt. I see a black or white bag in the mix.

Boden Theodora Pleated Skirt

3. Cobalt Topper, White Top and Black Bottoms

Combine a black skirt, trousers, or pair of jeans with a white tee, shirt, blouse or pullover. Add black or white footwear. Top things off with a cobalt jacket or coat. This combination of pleated pleather skirt with long blazer has a trendy ‘90s touch, but feel free to combine silhouettes that are more to your taste. Black bag would look fab here. Add jewellery, watch, and eyewear as desired.

Violeta Frayed Jacket

Who bats for Team Cobalt?