I have not posted anything in ages, but am always reading the blog and the forum and commenting from time to time. Life is both busy and boring - lots of work from home (super-long hours), where I predominantly wear loungewear, then some cooking, reading and long walks. Today's blog post inspired me to post my cobalt capsule, which is currently sitting in my closet and waiting for the return to the office.

I wear cool tones, and have dark blond hair. I love cobalt, and wear most shades , but I avoid wearing the brightest ones right next to my face as they tend to be a bit overwhelming.

Throughout the past couple of years I built an office wear capsule that is based on mixing and matching various black, white or b&w patterned pieces with cobalt. There is also a lot of pattern mixing involved. The capsule is shown in finds, but I didn't include most of various solid black or white pieces that round it up (other then the last row). There are some patterned b&w pieces in the two rows before the last that play major roles.

The heart of the capsule is Theory glen plaid suit from the first row, which has a touch if cobalt in the pattern. I got the same pants in solid cobalt, too, however skipped the matching solid cobalt blazer which was too harsh on me. There is a bunch of solid cobalt tops, and some patterned ones. The two floral silk blouses were acquired specifically to mix the plaid suit. I am Ok with bright cobalt tops as long as I have a neutral blazer over them. The two b&w suits from the bottom don't have any cobalt in them, however I love to separate and mix pieces from all the three suits. There are also two dresses and some accessories. There is a bunch of scarves I have not included. A good number of pieces is pretty old, some are newer, and there are a couple bought during the crazy pandemic sales period (the windowpane suit, the long sleeved dress) that are yet to be worn.

I am pretty happy with this capsule. The only things I would like to add are a flowy midi cobalt skirt and a tweed blazer that has a good amount of cobalt in it, but I am very picky and am waiting for the perfect items.

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