Incorporating heeled, flat, dressy, or casual boots that are mid-calf, knee-high, and over-the-knee is particularly on-trend right now. The idea is to wear them in that ‘70s, ‘80s and ’90s way. So combine taller boots with midis, minis, wide crops, leggings and skinnies. Or, tuck baggier pants and jeans into mid-calf and knee-high boots. 

Here, the version on the left is very ‘80s. Baggy high-rise bottoms are tucked into slouchy pointy-toed mid-calf boots, and the combination looks smashing to my eye. I wore this vibe ten years ago (last photo in this post) and back in the ‘80s. I love it! The look on the right has a ‘90s integrity. Baggy utility pants are tucked into flat zipper combat boots for a similar but more subtle and streamlined effect. Both pairs of pants are roomier in the legs than skinnies causing a pouf or blouson effect over the top of the boots.

In the version below, the pants are even baggier causing more intentional bunching when tucked into taller boots. The effect reminds me a little of knickerbockers. It can be a practical styling strategy when out on foot in grotty weather, thereby preventing soggy hems. Although, once back indoors your pants will be creased when you remove your outside shoes. I didn’t find the creasing as bad with denim and shorter tall boots.

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This last version looks neater. Instead of skinnies, a straighter leg is tucked into a taller, slouchier boot to create intentional bunching. The low contrast between the boots and jeans creates vertical integrity and helps streamline the outfit. Visually, another smashing look, and practical in wet weather. Though it might not be comfortable wearing bunched jeans all the way up your lower leg.

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Baggier bottoms tucked into taller boots look newer than skinnies tucked into taller boots, although the latter is an iconic equestrian classic and always fabulous. If you don’t wear skinnies but like tucking pants into boots, this is one way to go.

In my experience, baggier bottoms are much easier to tuck into mid-calf boots because the bunching occurs lower on the leg and is therefore more comfortable and easier to manage. The fits of mid-calf boots are easier to get right in terms of lower leg width and length too. Tall boots on the other hand, are very hard to fit in width and length. They must be one of the least size-inclusive wardrobe items on the planet, and so far, nothing is changing. That makes this type of styling idea difficult with taller boots unless you magically get the variables right.

I like the visual effects of baggier bottoms tucked into taller boots, and can see myself wearing the combination again with mid-calf boots. Do you like the effect? Would you wear it?