After diving into the runway shows and doing a lot of research into what’s happening at retail, here are some of the specific trends I think we will see emerging to support and complement the big themes of Fall & Winter 2020. This goes into more detail than my post yesterday on the big themes for the season

1. Tall Boots

Dust off your tall boots. Think heeled or flat boots that are mid-calf, knee-high, and over-the-knee in dressy or casual styles. The idea is to wear them in that ‘70s, ‘80s and ’90s way. So combine taller boots with midis, minis, wide crops and skinnies. And tuck roomy pants/jeans into mid-calf boots with wide openings. Wear tall boots with hosiery and shorts. Throw in some Steampunk too.

2. Anoraks, Puffers, Parkas, Trench Coats, Raincoats

We are living in a fashion era where outerwear reigns supreme. The options are endless, the fabrics state of the art, and the silhouettes fun, architectural and functional. What used to be thought of as simply practical and not so stylish has become fashionable and fabulous. Wear practical outerwear with anything and make a statement with it.

3. Patchwork

Patchwork has a ‘70s bohemian vibe and works well in toppers, bags, and hats. It’s coming through in denim, dresses and tops too. Patchwork can be a creative way to fix damaged wardrobe items, or upcycle them. It’s also a way for designers and retailers to use leftover fabrics instead of wasting them.

4. Capes, Shawls, Blankets, Runanas, Ponchos, Big Cardigans

These less structured, casual, cosy, and comfy top layers have gained popularity over the years, and especially this year with more people working and staying at home. Wear them with pride and stylish intent, and remix them with dressy items.

5. Matching Sets

Outfit matching is big, but be creative about it. Think solid and patterned twinsets, two-piece dresses, two-piece jumpsuits, pantsuits, all sorts of accessory complements, jewellery sets, knitted top and bottoms sets, handbag, belt and shoe sets, and sock and top sets. Go Team Matchy-Matchy.

6. Argyles and Prep School

Think argyle pullovers, cardigans and sleeveless pullovers worn over shirts and blouses. Add a necktie if you like. Wear the combination with jeans, pants and skirts. Throw in matching argyle socks if you dare.

7. Metallic

Think metallic clothing, footwear and accessories and wear them with hard-edged leather, textured tweed, Athleisure, patterns, denim, lace, or soft and cosy knits. Create outfit tension, and add the glitz your way, even while working and staying at home.

8. Asymmetry

Asymmetrical hemlines on tops, dresses, toppers, and skirts are one way to wear asymmetry, but there are others. Try mismatched earrings and socks, two-toned clothing and hair colour, asymmetrical haircuts and one-shoulder dressing, outfit bows that are positioned to one side, and asymmetrically designed footwear.

9. Modern Equestrian

Think roomy and sleek trousers and jeans tucked into flat mid-calf, knee-high and over-the-knee boots. Wear these boots with skirts and dresses. Think long blazers, quilted vests, elbow patches on jackets, high-waisted jodhpur styles, polo shirts, stirrup pants, velvet trim on jackets, and cowboy boots with anything.

10. Relaxed Trouser Suiting

Wear a dressier suit in a loosely tailored or fluid fit with a tee, sweater, sneakers, hi-tops, and crossbody bag or backpack. Layer a gilet, vest or coat over the top. The suit can be solid, patterned, neutral or non-neutral. This is not meant to be an occasion dressing thing — just wear it, and get on with your day.

11. Statement Collars

Think disco collars, pussycat bows, neckties, Victorian and Edwardian collars, funnel necks, shawl collars, cowl necks, tuxedo collars, beaded and embroidered collars, and layering hoodies under jackets and coats.

12. Blues and Browns

You’ll find most colours this year, but blues and earth tones most of all. There are also all shades of pink, white, green and orange, and black from head to toe.

Remember that retailers will continue to supply the market with items that sell, regardless of the trends. Collectively, we consumers have more power to control what we see at retail than designers do. So we will continue to see pandemic-popular loungewear, gear, outdoorsy attire, comfy cozies, and Athleisure alongside the trendy looks and classics in stores.

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