There were great responses to my recent post on what you wear when you’re feeling blue. For many, having an off day is about wearing a tried and true outfit combination in comfortable fabrics and muted colours. Some even dress down to reflect their mood.  Nothing too out there or eye-catching.

Others deal with their blue mood by wearing a colourful dress, bright lipstick, fun shoes, a new accessory or flirty skirt. They dress up, and use their outfit to change their state of mind. Obviously there is no right and wrong — this is a personal thing.

I fall in the second group. It’s all about bright colours, strong colour contrasts and bold patterns. Knowing that I’m making a strong visual statement with my outfit renews my energy levels and makes me feel alive again. I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror during the day and my outfit literally shocks me into a better mood.

Blue Outfit 2

The picture above shows what I wore on my second blue day last week. I volunteered at Dress For Success Seattle, so smart casual was appropriate. The checked turquoise and cream retro trapeze coat is eye-catching to say the least, especially when paired with the high contrast backdrop of my black cowl neck tunic.

No more blue days though. I’m back to being my happy self and wearing all sorts of outfit combinations, from the bright and frivolous to the sophisticated and monochromatic. But always having fun with fashion no matter what.