Animal Tunic & Biker JacketWe all have days when our hearts are heavy and we’re not our normal happy selves. But life goes on and we still have to get dressed for work, take care of kids and pets, run errands and everything else, despite our frame of mind. Does your blue mood affect what you wear?

Feeling blue affects my outfit choice. I make a point of wearing extra happy outfits on days when I’m feeling a little sad in hope that they’ll cheer me up during the day (extra lipstick helps too). For me, a happy outfit means bright colours, strong colour contrasts and bold patterns, as opposed to a more monochromatic and sophisticated look.

A blue mood struck me twice last week and the happy outfit on the right is the first one that came to the rescue. I shopped with a very casual client in a mall that day, so I was fine to dress casually.

Strange as it may sound, my happy outfits do improve my disposition. Wearing bright red either as an item of clothing or an accessory makes me feel powerful and alive. Bright apple green is my favourite colour, which made glancing down at my feet fun and cheerful (especially since the green contrasts so well with the denim). As I put the outfit together I realized that I looked a little “Christmassy”. But Christmas makes me happy too, so what the heck and I dashed out the door.

We’re all different, so the way we dress when we’re feeling blue will be different too. Specific wardrobe items spark off specific feelings in ways that are unique to us as individuals. Obviously, we don’t really care what we wear when we’re very upset. Sweats and PJ’s for a day at home will do just fine on days like that.

Do you consciously dress a certain way when you’re feeling blue? Does your mood affect your outfit choices in general?

Apple Green Cowboy Boots Red Animal Print