The number one accessory on last night’s red carpet was the umbrella as it poured with rain over designer gowns and tousled hairstyles. It was a very damp start to this year’s awards season, but a start nonetheless. I hope it stays dry for the Oscars because it’s a shame to see all that effort end up in wet frocks, frizzed hair and runny make-up

Ruffles, asymmetrical necklines, blush pink and all shades of purple along with lots of sequins and bling were the big looks of the night. I have to say that I wasn’t enamored by the long gowns. Most of them, apart from Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet’s gowns, seemed overly styled, overly ruffled, overly embellished and a little too poufy. I love seeing someone take a red carpet fashion risk, but it’s got to work. Perhaps I’m being overly red-carpet-fussy, or a little conservative. Or perhaps I just prefer a strong, sleek line on a long gown.

Ginnifer GoodwinJulia RobertsSo the gals in shorter frocks were the ones that piqued my interest. The Golden Globes is not the Oscars, which makes a cheeky short hemline perfectly appropriate. Remember Reese Witherspoon’s short yellow dress in 2007? That’s my favourite Golden Globes look of all time.

As bohemian as it was, Julia Roberts was my favourite look of the night. Her long sleeved short black dress was a breath of fresh hair and she wore it flawlessly. I loved the oversized gold medallion that complemented Julia’s golden locks. She looked classy, alluring and very comfortable.

Ginnifer Goodwin was my next favourite in a sculptured drapey cobalt dress with asymmetrical neckline. Stunningly different.

Robert Downey Jr. gets my vote for best dressed bloke with Kevin Bacon and Tom Hanks as runner ups. Unfortunately Jon Hamm’s beard looked awful so he doesn’t make my list at all.

Over to you. If you saw the awards show, I’d love to hear your favourites.