The Budget Babe made an interesting comment about this week’s post on Spring 2010’s new palette in action:

“I love colors, I really do, especially as found in nature…but why must “happy” always be intertwined with bright colors? Gray and black are happy colors for me.”

I mentioned this to Greg and then he said: “I think black and grey are happy colours too. Just like Chris Cornell is happy music for me, even though it is quite dark, because it makes me happy”.

Hmmm. Chris Cornell’s music makes me happy too, so this got me thinking. What makes a colour a happy colour? Is it the colour itself, or the way the colour makes you feel when you wear it? Or both? Why do bright, saturated colours conjure up feelings of fun and happiness? Is it the associations with a warm sunny day and the blossoming of Spring flowers?

I do think of bright colours as happy colours. But I can feel just as happy wearing a fabulous black garment as I can wearing a bright citron item. I find black and white colour combinations happy too. In fact, I think of white or off-white as one of the happiest colours of all.

What do you think? Can colours like black, grey and brown be happy colours?