I looked at the new items coming into Nordstrom’s range a few days ago and there it was, the Pantone palette for Spring 2010. Of course, this is really nothing more than self-fulfilling predictions in action — the trend houses predict it, so Nordstrom does it, so the predictions come true — but its still fun to see it hit the stores so soon after I posted. I do like Nordstrom’s slightly more saturated interpretation of the trend in these items.

Goodbye black and grey. Hello Turquoise, Coral, Violet, Aurora and Amparo Blue. I’m ready. Are you?

Nick & Mo Topstitched TrenchSuzi Chin Maggy Boutique Draped Jersey DressTaylor Dresses Rosette Trim Ponte Knit DressCalvin Klein Pinched V-Neck CardiganTaylor Dresses Rosette Ponte Knit Sheath Dress

Pantone Spring Colours 2010