I guess that the answer to this question depends on the style and colour of your hairstyle, and the amount of work you put into styling it each day. I put the same amount of effort into my hair each day so that part remains constant. I have my short pixie crop cut and highlighted every six weeks. A little trim, a few foils and I’m out in an hour and 15 minutes. Quick, painless and very effective.

But my hair does not look its best straight after the appointment. It always looks best two to three weeks into the cut. It’s as if the style has to settle, lie a little flatter against my head, and grow into shape. Week four is still pretty good. But by week five I’m frustrated with the heavy bits and it starts taking longer to style. By week six I’m climbing the walls desperate for another hair appointment.

Does this happen to you? How often do you have it cut and styled and when in the cycle does it look its best?