We attended the Georges Chakra fashion show today and it was spectacular. Gown after gown was an artistic marriage of flattering design and technical skill as the models glided down the runway. I have yet to see gowns drape and move as flawlessly as they did in this show. It was captivating.

Front Row Audience

There were no slacks or skirts at all. It was a show of short and long formal dresses in red, navy, black, white, silver and gold. Lace was huge, as was the tuxedo jacket as the “it” cover-up. (I want a black tuxedo jacket RIGHT NOW). The models sported simple updos and wore six inch stiletto heels. No accessories and minimal make-up. This show was all about the dress and making it shine. I loved that discipline.

Runway 1

The creations were for the most part pretty commercial in that you wouldn’t look out of place wearing them in the real world. Often, runway collections are so impractical and over the top that you’d look daft wearing the creations in any situation other than in a fashion show. But these wearable works of art were a breath of fresh air.

Runway 2

If I went to the Oscars this year, I’d want to wear the tomato red high-necked sleeveless gown on the model above. That’s my favourite catwalk garment I’ve seen so far. I haven’t paid much attention to Georges Chakra in the past, but after today’s show I’m a new fan.

Georges Chakra

Waiting for the show to start was in itself a show. Hundreds of people queuing up in fabulous outfits with invitation in one hand and cellphone and handbag in the other. The audience was once again a sea of black. Almost everyone wore soaring skyscraper heels to accent their form fitting skirts, dresses and skinny pants. Today, I chose to wear a black 60’s go go dress over skinnies with biker jacket, bold scarf, pearls and cream ankle boots. I’m making a my own fashion statement at fashion week by NOT wearing black from head to toe.