We’re excited to check back in with Germany-based Claudia Steinlein (56) of Glam Up Your Lifestyle, who was first featured on YLF in September 2015. Her more relatable style is a mix of casual and dressy on-trend looks with lots of Sporty Luxe touches. Claudia loves pendant necklaces and remixing her favourite pieces. These days, she is embracing more colour and has incorporated sneakers into many of her outfits. She also prefers timeless classics now, and relies on high-quality pieces. Her trademark bright orange-red lipstick is still going strong.

Claudia Steinlein - 1

A statement blazer dresses up a casual tee and trouser look. Claudia is sporting a yellow crew-neck T-shirt over cropped white pants. But the star of the show is the tailored olive topper with eye-catching insect print and gold buttons. The fabric has a subtle sheen that adds a luxe touch and the colours make the yellow tee extra lively. The plaited detail on our blogger’s high-heeled ankle strap sandals adds a bit of textural interest. A small two-toned crossbody, delicate gold necklace and orange-red lipstick complete the look.

Claudia Steinlein - 2

Here, Claudia dresses down a snazzy glen plaid suit with on-trend chunky sneaks and bright-coloured blouse. She’s tucked the V-neck blouse into the relaxed-fit trousers, which lengthens the leg line from the hips upwards. The fluid fit of the suit, together with the casual sneakers, gives the look a fun Sporty Luxe vibe. Part of the brightly coloured accents on the sneakers echo the fiery orange of the blouse and Claudia’s trademark orange-red lippy. The gold-toned layered necklace and slim bracelet tie in with the studs on our blogger’s big crossbody bag.

Claudia Steinlein - 3

Claudia’s yellow tee comes out to play again. This time, she’s paired it with a brown crocodile print midi skirt for a day of sightseeing. The A-line skirt has a flattering flowy, slightly flared hemline. The vertical animal print running through the skirt lengthens the leg line, as does tucking the tee. The cognac platform sandals with crisp white soles and chunky straps work well with the yellow and brown palette. So does Claudia’s croc-embossed handbag in a deep darker brown. Combining a short string of pearls with a long pendant necklace finishes off the look.

Claudia Steinlein - 4

This is a fab example of Angie’s Easy & Pretty Spring Tweed outfit formula. I love the vibrant light blues of Claudia’s Chanel-esque tweed jacket. They work brilliantly with the mid-blue jeans, and her blonde hair. Pairing the polished and dressy jacket with a pair of faded balloon jeans makes for a great outfit juxtaposition. Adding a graphic tee and casual velcro-strap sneakers creates a further playful touch. Two modern pearl necklaces instead of the classic strand of pearls are a playful nod to the iconic Chanel look. Claudia’s black quilted Chanel bag — that echoes the black tipping on the jacket — makes it all “official”.

Claudia Steinlein - 5

A boho-lite dress that Claudia felt was a little too short to wear as is, is transformed into a breezy Summery tunic when paired with cropped white trousers. The ’60-esque graphic pattern on the blue-and-white A-line tunic runs both horizontally and vertically, which draws the eye up and down, and creates lovely visual interest. The white soles on our blogger’s platform sneakers echo the white pants. The earthy cognac straps work great with the crisp white in the outfit. As does the rich dark brown and gold hardware on the croc-embossed bag. Several pendant necklaces, a silver and rose-gold bracelet, and Claudia’s orange-red lipstick are the glam finishing touches.

Claudia Steinlein - 6

Mustard, toffee and purple is a colour combination you don’t see every day, and I absolutely love it! Claudia is wearing straight-legged cords in a rich dark purple with turned-up cuffs. She’s paired them with a statement cosy colour-block turtleneck sweater in mustard, toffee, orange, and light grey. The roomy fit of the chunky knit pullover is tempered by the narrower fitting trousers. Casual Timberland hiking-style boots echo the mustard in the sweater. The croc-embossed crossbody brings shine and polish to the look. Finally, Claudia’s go-to orange lipstick matches the orange in the pullover.

Let us know what you think of Claudia’s relatable, on-trend style, and be sure to check out the rest of her wonderful outfits on her blog.