More and more retailers are offering some type of rental service. Some items for rent are hot off the press new-season items, whereas others are from seasons past. Banana Republic recently launched theirs, which allows you to create a monthly wardrobe from weekly arrivals. Retailers like Anne Taylor, Vince, the Loft, Rebecca Taylor, Bloomingdale’s and Urban Outfitters offer rental services too. And businesses like Rent the Runway, Armoire, Gwynnie Bee, and Le Tote specialize in wardrobe rental, although you can purchase items at a discounted price after renting them.

Either wardrobe rental is getting traction, or it’s simply a strategy retailers are employing to cope with depressed sales. Either way, you have the option of renting most of your wardrobe these days. I have some friends who do just that. I have clients who rent from time to time, just for fun or for a special occasion.

We discussed wardrobe rental last year, and many were intrigued by the idea. There are advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this week’s poll is to establish who is renting and who is purchasing their wardrobe, and whether the pandemic has changed your thoughts on this. You bat for Team Buy if you prefer to purchase your wardrobe items, and vice versa. Note that if you like the idea of renting your future wardrobe but haven’t gotten into the swing of it yet, you bat for Team Rent.

I have no desire to rent my wardrobe at all. I bat for Team Buy because I enjoy being in complete control of my curated wardrobe. Each item is a piece in a puzzle that has its deserving place and fits perfectly. Items work together so that I can create complete looks that work for my lifestyle. I also frequently repeat my favourite outfits. Each item is familiar and has a memorable history that I cherish and value. Adding wardrobe rentals to the mix would upset the system that is working very well for me, not to mention the challenges with creating a perfect fit.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Buy or Team Rent? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. But feel free to sit this one out on the bench where I’m serving leek and tomato quiche with a green salad in sanitized take-out boxes if you can’t choose a side. There are also South African crunchies for tea, but they’re going fast.