After yesterday’s post on the seven trends that stood out on the Spring & Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear runways, it’s on to colours and patterns. Imagine the colours in any wardrobe item, make-up colour, nail polish, or hair colour. Imagine the patterns in any wardrobe item or nail adornment. 


Blue in all its shades is the colour of the year. It was heavily represented in runway shows, and especially in denim, solids, and in patterns. From the palest of baby blue to the deepest ink blue, and everything in between. Think bright blues like turquoise and cobalt too. Blue is extremely versatile and can be combined with every neutral and non-neutral. Light blue shoes are a pretty fringe trend, and look smashing with a matching bag.


Since the ‘90s are trending, we’re going to see a lot of black clothing, footwear and accessories. Grey takes a backseat in lieu of shades of blue. Shades of white continue to exude a modern crispness, and the white footwear trend is here to stay. Neutrals like olive, khaki and shades of tan are strong, and are a nod to ‘90s Safari Chic.

3. Earth Tones

Earth tones continue to trend, and are a nod to the ‘70s component of the ‘90s trend. Think spice colours and all sorts of browns like mustard, turmeric, curry, rust, burnt orange, cognac, chestnut, saddle, toffee, coffee, cinnamon, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, tan, sand, taupe, khaki, stone, maize, oxblood, burgundy, bronze, tortoiseshell, gold, and animal patterns in these earthy shades. Remix earth tones with ANY palette.

4. Brights

The new Spring season has kicked off with my favourite sour brights and I’m not complaining. Tomato red, citron, lime green, apple green, chartreuse, orange, turquoise, watermelon and shocking pink are popular, and remixed with ANY palette, and with each other. They are remixed with ‘90s black, ‘80s white, and ‘70s earth tones as well as all sorts of pastels because — as I strongly believe — sour brights are versatile.

I see shades of lilac, purple, orchid, emerald, ruby red and teal coming through, so all is not lost for jewel tone lovers. There is blush and mint for pastel lovers too.

5. Neon

Neon brights in yellow, pink, green, orange and blue are there, but as a fringe trend, and often as an accessory, trim or sneaker. Head-to-toe neon is there, and quite yummy if you fancy bright outfits. It’s a lot more soothing on the eye when ONE neon colour is worn head-to-toe instead of two or three.

6. Polka Dots

Polka dots give stripes some competition. Polka dots in all sorts of variations are trending, although I think of them as an iconic classic in two-toned symmetrical neutrals. Large, small, irregular, symmetrical, neutral, non-neutral, two-toned, multi-toned — you name it and it’s there. Sport a polka dot accessory if wearing polka dot clothing is too much of a good thing.

7. Ditsy Florals and Small Quiet Prints

It wouldn’t be a ‘90s inspired season without a good dose of dainty ditsy florals, and small patterns in two or three subtle colours. You’ll see these types of patterns make their biggest statement in dresses, blouses, skirts, flowing wide pants, and scarves.

8. Tropical and Botanical

Tropical and botanical patterns are a nod to ‘90s Safari Chic, which is when we saw leaf and foliage patterns galore. These patterns can be loud and bold, or soft, quiet and subtle, neutral or non-neutral, so take your pick.

9. Pattern Mix

Pattern mixing has become an important part of our fashion era because it’s one way to be maximal, creative, look interesting, and make wardrobe items more versatile. You can pattern mix in subtle or bold ways, and remix exactly as you like. These days, most patterns can be worn together if there are cohesive elements in the outfit pulling the look together.

I like the colours for the season, which I know I say every year. I guess I can easily find my colours because the palette of my wardrobe is diverse. Although I wear some earth tones, I don’t like to wear them for Spring and Summer. I’m not into black, but I’m all over shades of blue. Blue is my colour of the year, so that’s fortuitous. Light blue, denim blue, turquoise, French blue, and navy are a big yes please. Sour brights make my mouth water and are my favourites, and I’m all for some neon. White is my favourite neutral and I like to see lots of it. I also bat for Team Polka Dots, but will say no thank you to ditsy florals and most botanical and tropical patterns. I do enjoy a pretty and bold floral though.

Over to you. What do you think of the season’s colours and patterns?

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