This post is not for the bohemian loving gals who rock their strong boho-chic style. Instead, it’s meant for those who are slightly boho-averse, or need some encouragement to introduce an element of boho into their look. 

I would not describe my style as bohemian. In fact, I used to say that my style is as bohemian as Karl Lagerfeld. But I do find aspects of the bohemian vibe fabulous, and understand the visual and practical appeal. Incorporating a single bohemian item into an outfit creates a vibe that is boho-liteHere are six things that I find appealing about this look.

1. Casual

Bohemian outfits are casual, which comes in handy when you fear looking too dressed up. A boho-lite look is versatile because it adds a casual edge to a dressier outfit, thereby making it appropriate in more settings.

2. Breezy

Bohemian blouses and knitted tops are roomy and lightweight, making them ideal for hot weather. They’re usually sleeved, which makes them a covered yet ventilating wardrobe item. The A-line silhouette is forgiving and comfortable on the midsection. Bohemian dresses, pants and skirts are equally lightweight and breezy. 

3. Interesting

Bohemian blouses and tops are to my eye a lot more interesting, textural and flattering than a basic T-shirt. Combining shorts with a boho blouse is a smashing way to look fab in the relentless heat. 

4. Pretty

Bohemian style detailing like bell sleeves, flounces, ruffles, gathers, embroideries, smocking and kimono sleeves have a prettiness to them that I personally find very appealing. It’s the romantic and alluring aspect of the boho-lite look that ultimately made me a convert. 

5. Juxtaposition

The irregular juxtaposition of wardrobe items has defined our fashion era. For example, the “pure” Hippy Chic lady might combine a boho blouse with bell-bottoms, wedged cork sandals, and fringed suede bag. The lady creating the boho-lite look might combine the same boho blouse with trendy cropped jeans with staggered hems, fashion sneakers, a string of chunky pearls, and graphic clutch. The irregular juxtaposition of the items in the second outfit is modern, borrowing from many fashion personas. 

6. Trendless 

The bohemian vibe is iconic, Modern Retro, and therefore beyond current fashion trends. Bohemian Hippy Chic has its fashion moments, but is always in style. It’s hard to look dated in a pretty boho blouse, an elegant pair of bell-bottoms, fun fringe bag, or tasseled scarf.

And last, to my eye, a pair of bell-bottom jeans or trousers – think bootcuts on steroids – looks elegant sported at a floor-grazing length with heels. Leg lengthening and slimming. The tailored fit on the thighs is sensual. The swooshing of the wider hems is fun and theatrical. 

I’m a boho-lite convert. How about you?

ALICE-+-OLIVIA Luma Lace-paneled Silk-georgette and Chiffon BlouseMICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Embellished Stretch-crepe Blouse