You might be following our road trip on Instagram, but if you're not - we are away for a fortnight. Covering 6 states in 14 days: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Greg works in Salt Lake City for three days a week. Sam and I are visiting for the nine days that Greg is here working in Salt Lake City on the trip.

We're having a good time in downtown Salt Lake City. Staying at Hotel Monaco. Sam is extremely well behaved.

It's 100 degrees (38 Celsius) and very dry. I LOVE it, since I'm very comforted by the heat. It's not sticky, and cool in the shade. Gorgeous. I'm getting my hot Summer! WOOOHOOO.

SLC Urban Style:
Downtown Salt Lake City is stylish - and more stylish than Seattle. VERY Hipster. Casual, smart casual and biz casual. Clean cut. Polished. Colourful. Trendy. Lots of tattoos, beards, and fab specs. Men generally more daring than the women in their fashion choices. No head-to-toe black. NO YOGA PANTS. No Atheleisure either, despite the outdoorsy culture here. Few women in short shorts despite the heat. Lots of cropped pants, cropped jeans, blouses, skirts, dresses, pretty sandals, dressy bags and fashion sneakers. Flats and low heels reign supreme. Very few people in heels. Coifed hair and make-up. NICE.

I've been wearing casual and smart casual daily. This is the most casual outfit I've worn here. Boho-Lite my way, which means I have to add the pretty and have happy feet. Tassels and pom poms, FTW. I also wear a camisole each day because I'm more comfortable wearing one. The heat does not bother me.

Greg took these pics with my iPhone after we were walking in the heat for a while. I'm a little flushed, but not burnt. Being VERY vigilant about sun protection. Lots of people here are wearing sneakers without socks in the heat. It's very comfy, actually. My linen scarf - present from Greg - keeps the heat off my neck and protects me from the sun. Sam is my Bag Guard.

ETA: Food scene here is excellent. Us foodies are very satisfied.