Congratulations, you can really handle the heat very well, you wear jeans in that temperature. You look beautiful, gorgeous top and scarf. Here these days the temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius and I barely breathe. .Have a nice trip.

You know, I take back what I said. I was just looking at my outfit calendar, and I absolutely have worn cropped bf jeans on a 100+ day. It's not as breezy as a good dress, but it can totally work.

Lovely outfits and sound like a wonderful trip. It's so interesting how different people love/hate the same weather, and humidity is intolerable to so many. I guess the answer
Is the know what works for you . Sam is the best purse guard ever!

JAileen, as long as you dress in a way that makes you happy in the heat - go for it.

Rachy, do you follow my food trail on instagram?

Thanks Joyce, Lisa and Dianna. Covering up in the heat is key for me. I’m in a loose long sleeved cotton shirt, white jeans and sandals today. See Finds for exact items.

Karie, linen scarves FTW. It’s not humid here - but I like the humidity too, actually.


Jenn, there you go. There are SOOOO many people here wearing cropped jeans. It’s very doable with a loose top and sandals (or sneakers). Thanks for the kind words.

Mirjana, you are a honey. You look very stylish dressing in YOUR hectic heat. My hat off to you.

Chris, exactly. Horses for courses. Super Sam is the best.

Junipergreen, best you get some tomato red (gorgeous for you). Thanks for the kind words - and no doubt the Seattleites are complaining about the heat!

Karen13, your lovely words are appreciated.

Enjoying your candid shots you look fab.

Thanks Angie - I've actually joined Instagram to see your pics - but I appreciate all the accompanying words here!

How great to get an on the road report! You look really lovely. And Sam is as adorable as ever.

Looking great in hot Salt Lake City! Your blush footwear gives a cool, relaxed vibe to your outfit even in the heat. And Sam is looking as dapper as ever. Enjoy your time in all six states!

Pretty in tomato and pink in the heat! I love how you do boho light. Taking notes. KILLER

Very nice-- you are wearing my Arizona summer uniform, Angie. Most work days you can catch me in similar pieces-- it is my balance between the outdoor heat (I eat lunch outdoors every day, even when it is over 100) and the indoor air conditioning. I love your bag guard-- perfect job for a tiny terrorist. I do break out the shorts (which I was never a fan of in CO but have learned to appreciate as good errand-running gear), skirts and sandals, but mainly save them for the weekend when I'm less heavily AC'd.

Looks like a fun road trip. I have heard Salt Lake City is a great foodie destination and some friends of mine love Park City and also Southern Utah National Parks.

I wonder if the lack of short shorts is due to the high Mormon population who prefer more modest dress.

You look very fresh in the heat! I like to cover up too during the day - but like my feet to be open, it is interesting how we all cope in different ways.

Great pictures! Boho light suits you very well - between the boho pieces and the sneakers it is a big change, but still very you. Thanks for sharing!

Fun to hear more about style trends in SLC.
You and Sam are troopers doing so much walking in that heat (you look fresh as a daisy!-)
Wonderful that the food is delicous too!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!


Love the color combination! Handsome Sam must be getting his fair share of attention from people

I am late here (super busy day yesterday), but can not help but say how amazing this outfit is, Angie. Love the tomato red with all the pinks, they look so fresh together. I have very recently gotten the same blouse in black and am really enjoying wearing it, it is very breezy.
Sam is super adorable and I have joined Instagram just to be able to follow all the cute pics of him and all the delicious food on your trip

Nice to hear the SLC instalment. Interesting that athleisure is less prevalent. Possibly due to less of a yoga culture? Your outfit is fab. Great scarf and I love the matching! Always important!

Sounds like a great city! I have seen your pics on Instagram and the food looks amazing. Love your outfit, casual suits you. Amazing what a difference humidity can make in comfort. I lived in mid-CA as a kid and even heat in the hundreds wasn't too bad but here in Mich if it gets in the 90's we are running for the AC.

You look gloriously fab! I wear cotton BF jeans all summer but not in 100 degree heat. How do you manage to look so polished and not at all melted?!

I've been following your trip on Insta and thoroughly enjoying the pictures. Sam looks like a very good traveler and I know he takes his bag keeping responsibilities extremely seriously! As he should, of course.

I can handle the heat, but humidity just does me in. I don't even like to wear pretty clothes in our summer climate as I feel like a shiny, sloppy mess in 10 minutes flat. There's nothing better than the first cool, dry breath of autumn in the air around here!

Beth, with Tango as your accessory, you always look fab. Thanks for the kind words. Sam is blushing.

Kelly, Brooklyn, Anne, Joy, Ledonna, Jaime, Inge and Windchime, you are darlings, and I appreciate the support.

RobinF, I've been thinking of you and your family. Hope YLF is a welcome diversion. Thanks for being kind.

Smittie, SLC is VERY active. Like WOW sporty and active. Lots of yoga studios too. I think that people here do not think it's stylish or appropriate to wear Athleisure or yoga pants unless they are working are. LOTS of fashion sneakers though.

Pill, Sam makes people smile. How can he not!

Tanya, I'm blushing, and you're another Queen Sweetheart. LOVE our boho-lite Madewell blouse. It hits the pretty spot.

Sal, thanks for the compliments. The Mormon culture here has certainly not stopped people here from looking stylish, wearing sleeveless, skimpy tops, mini skirts, and generally looking hip. I'm not sure why there are no short shorts.

Love the matchy matchy blush and tomato red with faded blue.
Also love your hair better off your forehead.
I couldn't stand the scarf and jeans and sneakers in that weather.
Actually I would stay all afternoon in my hotel room in that weather.

Isabelle, in the hotel room with a/c like Sam - pic taken below a few minutes ago. Although he loves his walks in the heat like Mama.

Slicked back hair works well in the heat. Lucky to have a versatile cut. Thanks for the kind words.

The tomato red and blush combo is perfection, Angie! Glad Sam is enjoying the trip - I hope the hotel staff is appropriately spoiling him, as they are wont to do at Kimpton properties.

I think weather different from your norm is fun to experience. I genuinely enjoy visiting places with cool drizzly weather, though I know I'd get tired of it if I stayed very long. Just as I expect you might tire of 100 degree heat after 30 or more consecutive days of it!

Good boy, Sam. Now that's my idea of vacationing.

Ryce, I am going to miss the Summer heat in Seattle. Seattleites tend to complain when temps exceed 75 degrees (not me, though). SLC has been VERY dog friendly. I love that. Thanks for the kind words.

Angie, you are glowing! Gorgeous outfit, so pretty and fun on you! Love everything about it. Except, like Skylurker, I don't think I could bear to wear the jeans, sneakers, and scarf in 100 degree heat. Unless there were zero humidity and a decent breeze, in which case, maybe.

I've been following your trip on IG and loving all the pics. Trying to figure out who is enjoying the hotel more - you or Sam? He is just too adorable! What a good boy he is to guard your bags.
Angie, you look fresh and pretty. Love your red and blush combo! xo

You look gorgeous, Angie! Thanks for the style report from Salt Lake City. I've never been there, and now you make me want to visit. I didn't know Hotel Monaco was a chain, either. Sam is a lucky dog to travel in such style!

You look great in the heat! I simply can never pull off that feat. I'm in northern CA in a heatwave (it was 111 in Redding the other day when I arrived there), and it's all I can do to put on some lightweight hiking clothes and take photos, while sweat literally drips into my eyes. It's miserable but I soldier through, propelled by scenery (Lassen is lovely!) and motivated by photography. Your outfit would be fine for me on a 70 degree day.