Suz, you are as gracious as ever. Thank you, sweet lady. FWIW, it's 30% humidity here. The heat is very manageable, and I'm sure you'd find it manageable too.

Deb, you're a honey-pie. Sam makes people smile, and is getting lots of deserving attention.

Sharan, I appreciate the kind words. The Hotel Monaco in Seattle is as fabulous.

Janet, I have excellent resistance to the heat, and you have excellent resistance to the cold. I need to move to SoCal, and you need to move to Seattle.

i love heat, but wow, you must really be made of strong stuff to wear jeans in those temps!

Fab outfit, love the mix of the red and the blush/pink and the light colored denim

kkards, not strong enough because I have zero resistance to the cold. That's why we can't move to Boston. Thanks for the kind compliments.

Smiling because I joined Angie (in spirit) wearing my light wash Gap cropped jeans today in 98 degree heat. I did wear a super light sleeveless top and sandals but the hot sun on my arms may have been worse than a more covered top.

Tex, HIGH FIVE. Covering up to beat the belting sun sounds counter intuitive, but it's very effective. Soothing, cooling and protective. There are LOTS of people here in cropped jeans, loose and lightweight blousey tops, plus sandals. All my tops are sleeved, loose and lightweight, which is a good way to go. I see sleeved tops in your future.

Angie, where are you going in Montana? I hope you're going to Glacier NP. It is a must see, especially the Going to the Sun Road.

JAileen, YES. We will be there - at Glacier NP - at the end of next week.

Gosh, you are looking so cool in the extreme heat Angie.
Well done!

Thanks, Lyn. You're kind, and I know you get this type of heat living in Oz.