Time to check in on the style goals that we set at the beginning of the year. There have been two important updates that have affected my style and shopping strategy since I set my goals in January. First, I can no longer walk comfortably in heels that are higher than an inch and a half. I had to pass on my two-inch heeled boots and pumps, and therefore need to prioritize footwear purchases. Second, I need more casual outfits that I can wear when I visit my darling Dad in the Netherlands every few months to help out.

I set twelve goals in January, and I’ve managed to reach some of them. 

1. Wear outfits that are Modern, Crisp, Soft, Retro and Dressy

Check. My mood for pretty, soft, sleek, refined and polished outfits has not changed, despite a more casual look from time to time. I’m vigilant about adding “the pretty” into every outfit. For example, I wear utility pants with flouncy blouses and dainty pointy toe flats. I wear pretty pink sneakers with a matching soft scarf, and pastels year round. My chunky white pearls adorn most of my outfits which adds a crisp, retro and dressy integrity to my look. I also got a new pair of specs, which are as Modern Retro as can be. Catseye, dark brown and dressy. 

Although I’ve added a casual component to my style, I don’t wear T-shirts and sweatshirts unless they are “stay-at-home” loungewear. I only wear leggings for yoga. I don’t do Athleisure either, which is why my casual style is dressier no matter what.  

2. Explore Maximal style my way

Check. I’m having a ball. After a five year hiatus, I started wearing my pearls 18 months ago and haven’t looked back. I’ve rekindled my fondness for scarves, and am wearing a pearl bracelet with my watch daily. I’m pattern mixing more, and creating matchy-matchy complements with footwear and accessories. 

3. Add more elegant, polished touches to my style

Room for improvement. Over the years, I’ve relied on heeled ankle strap pumps to add a touch of elegance to my outfits. But since I can’t wear footwear like that any more, I have to rethink my strategy. Yes to dressy pointy toe flats and chain handle bags. I HAVE added dressy silk blouses that make me feel elegant for Summer. Keeping most of my coats dressy is one way I plan to feel elegant in Autumn and Winter. 

4. Continue wearing signature colours and add turquoise into the mix

Almost. Yes to buying and wearing my signature colours (sour brights, shades of white, and ink blue,) but I have yet to add more turquoise to the mix. I have my hopes set on finding a turquoise coat.

5. Wear red shoes with matching bags in Spring and Summer 

Check. I’ve been wearing my red complement throughout the Spring and Summer, and loving it. I almost bought another red bag, but decided that my mini chain handle bag was fine. I might add red boots and satchel for Winter. 

After buying a pair of blush sneakers and loafers, I’ve been enjoying my blush complement a lot more than I expected, and wear it at least as much as the red. If not more.

6. Only wear black in small doses

Check. Ink blue and navy are my “black”. I wear black with white, or in a patterned item, and not nearly as regularly as dark blue or white. 

7. Fine-tune my list of wardrobe essentials and add more fashion

Check. I did that in March

8. Wear skirts and dresses more frequently year round

Room for improvement. I’ve worn skirts less frequently than I had hoped, favouring pants, jeans and dresses. I’m learning that I prefer dresses to skirts, despite the fact that dresses are harder to fit and find at a knee-covering length. Intuitively, I have NOT added skirts to my wardrobe this year. 

I’m all over wearing my frocks over cropped straights and flares because I feel fabulous and very comfy in the combination. I haven’t worn my lace dresses that often though, and need to give them a whirl before the weather is cold. 

9. Wear dressy trousers more frequently

Room for improvement. I’m still a bit precious over the pairs of trousers that need frequent dry-cleaning. I reach for the styles that I can launder myself, or that don’t need frequent dry-cleaning. Lesson learned. 

10. Continue to mix high-end and low-end items in one outfit

Check. My 2017 purchases reflect the same high-low strategy. 

11. NOT purchase more silver shoes or items with silver hardware

Check. I am very focussed on gold and not all tempted by silver shoes. 

12. Have even MORE fun with fashion

Check. Committing to flats and very low heels, and making them work for my dressy and polished style has been a fun challenge. I look forward to repeating the exercise in Autumn and Winter. I’ve also made a number of wild card purchases, which is exhilarating, and a topic for another day.  

I’m in a very happy place with my evolving style. The practical changes were necessary and I’m making them work without compromising my style aspirations. 

Over to you.