Had to wait till the NAS hecticness was manageable before I could fetch my new BROWN Modern Retro specs with orange inners. Took these selfies in the car on the way back home with my iPhone to send to Greg.

Have had my apple green specs for four and half years and wore nothing else. The green specs will always be tHE most special set of specs, which is why I need to begin babying them because they're irreplaceable. Hence I'm wearing these darlings for a while.

I'm shocked each time I look in the mirror because I'm not use to wearing dark specs. Greg chose them. And I LOVE them. Clever Greg. He's a talented stylist! I love that they are brown - and not a harsh black. And that the inside is Dutch orange. Fitting. The little V's are gold - would have been a deal breaker if they were silver.

The green specs are very hard to beat, but I feel as fab in these. Surprisingly, they make my eyes look greener than the green specs. And the modern retro vibe feels completely right.

Wooohoooo. Very, very happy. xo