This ensemble was inspired by clients who have sworn off wearing T-shirts with shorts in the Summer because the combination doesn’t make them feel fab. They love to wear shorts, but they just don’t feel good in T-shirts despite the fact that they are easy to launder and affordable. They were looking for a step-up from the ubiquitous basic tee that was as casual but more polished and feminine. 

I made two suggestions for T-shirt substitutes: a knitted top, and a woven boho blouse. The latter has been popular, even for those who swore they “don’t do boho”. I guess it’s the ease, interest, relaxed vibe, coverage, and forgiving silhouette of the boho blouse that has created the appeal. 

Choose any colour palette. Here are the components of the outfit formula. 

Shorts: Choose a pair of denim, cotton or linen shorts at a length that tickles your fancy. Choose solids or patterns. Blue denim shorts work particularly well with boho blouses because they are versatile and crease-resistant.  

Boho Blouse: Choose a cotton, silk or linen-rich blouse with a bohemian integrity that works with the bottoms. Think peasant and gypsy styles that are breezy, pretty, and somewhat drapey. Sleeved or sleeveless, patterned or solid, it’s all good. 

Footwear: Finish off the outfit with casual flat footwear. Think sandals, sneakers, espadrilles, or any other kind of casual flat. I’ve seen the look paired with heels, but personally much prefer it with flats. 

Accessories: Add a casual bag like a hobo, crossbody or straw tote. Add jewellery, watch, headgear and eyewear as desired.

Ensemble: Shorts & Boho Blouse