If the waistband on a pair of trousers or jeans is slightly too large, they will slip down. An alteration can prevent this, and is most effective when there’s a large portion of the waistband that needs taking in and the fit of the bottoms is curvy. 

Sometimes the alteration is not worth the effort and expense because the waistband is only slightly too large, but still sufficiently ill-fitting to make you tug at your bottoms all day. Or they fit well in the morning, but bag out and fall down by the afternoon. That’s when an invisible elastic belt works wonders. 

I have a bit of a swayback, which means that waistbands sometimes don’t fit perfectly closely right at the back of my waist. The space looks negligible to the eye, but it’s big enough to make me tug at my pants and jeans during the day. Annoying. So I bought Beltaway belts in navy and white to wear with a few pairs of jeans, and they work like a charm. The belts are flat, lightweight, unobtrusive, comfortable, and wear like iron. They are not for show, so they only work when you wear tops out and over bottoms to hide the belt.

Invisible belts are also a way to make bottoms that are a little big fit for longer while you’re on a weight loss plan. And last, they can do the trick when you don’t want to risk adjusting the fit on the hips and thighs of a pair of jeans and trousers by altering a slightly too large waistband.