ExampleI have two Spring tweed jackets that I wear quite frequently with jeans and casual trousers at this time of the year. They’re a great weight for Seattle, and a fabulous change from Winter toppers. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the polished, dressy and twee tweed jacket with the relaxed and tougher vibe of jeans or a pair of whimsical trousers.

Adding a graphic tee as seen in the example on the right adds a further playful touch, as would incorporating a fun pair of fashion sneakers. 

The collection shows the exact wardrobe items that I used to put together the two outfits that you see in the Polyvore ensemble. I’ve worn each outfit twice, remixing the footwear but using the same bag. Each outfit was worn with bright green specs. The patterned pants version was worn with pearls. 

This type of Spring tweed jacket is an acquired taste, so I’m appealing to those who can appreciate the Chanel-esque topper. It’s not without reason that Chanel has been producing the same iconic tweed jacket year after year for decades. It’s versatile, and has a high longevity factor. I don’t seem to tire of wearing the jacket with jeans in the Spring, so it’s become an easy “go-to” outfit formula until the Summer heat. 

The components of the ensemble: 

Casual Bottoms: Choose a great pair of jeans, patterned pants, or denim skirt. Dressier bottoms can work but you’ll lose the juxtaposition of “twee with tough” and “dressy with casual”. 

Layering Top: I chose crisp white and cream Spring pullovers, but feel free to choose a tee, shell or blouse in a colour that works with the jacket if that’s more your thing. A graphic tee looks fab too. Wear it untucked, or semi-tucked. 

Spring Tweed Jacket: The outfit formula falls flat without the tweed jacket so no substitutes. Leave it open and pattern mix the tweed with patterned bottoms if you like. 

Footwear: Choose anything from dressy pumps and dainty ankle strap shoes, to dressy flats, loafers, oxfords, booties and sneakers. I chose silver ankle strap pumps and white loafers for the blue tweed jacket outfit, and cream booties for the other. 

Accessories: Choose a bag that works with the outfit. I chose a vibrant citron satchel to complement my tame neutrals. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. I LOVE SPRING.

Ensemble:  Easy & Pretty Spring Tweed