2020 has taken and unexpected and unprecedented turn for most of us. My word. WHAT A YEAR. The world has changed and we’re adapting to new normals. I try to remember that each day brings us the power to be positive and hopeful amidst the stress, anxiety, loss, and uncertainty we’ve experienced over the last three months. Onward and upwards, always.

Earlier this week I talked about how my style might change after this period of isolation and social distancing. Today I’m going to drill deeper by reflecting back on the style goals I set in January. I’m tweaking some of my goals, deleting others, and adding a new one.

On to my goals. I set fourteen in January, and I’ve managed to reach some of them.

1. Have even MORE fun with fashion because I’m celebrating the fifth decade of my life. My priorities have shifted, and my celebratory milestone birthday trips have been postponed. That said, I’m having fun by continuing to dress up daily to stay at home, and have recently placed some fab online orders because of fabulous retailer discounts. THAT has been fun, and I hope to ramp things up.

2. Be more adventurous. Actually, I’m less adventurous and not in the mood to experiment with new-to-me silhouettes other than trendy bottoms and toppers. I am especially not in the mood to be adventurous with footwear and tops. Instead, I’m drawn to tried-and-tested items, patterns and colours for my style, and pieces that are well within my comfort zone. Unprecedented times call for extra comfort in every sense.

3. Be true to my style aspirations with outfits that are Modern, Crisp, Retro, Soft and Dressy. Check! I dress up while staying at home, and to walk our Yorkie Sam!

4. Prioritize quality. Check. My commitment to wearing beautifully constructed and finished items made of gorgeous fabrics that launder well, and LAST, is going well. I continue to have zero interest in renting my wardrobe.

5. Express my style through colour and my favourite patterns. Check. My style is more colourful, maximal, and pattern-rich than ever because it positively affects my mood. For patterns, I’m sticking to the classics like stripes, dots, plaids, and some florals because I don’t tire of them. For colours, I’m sticking with sour brights, whites, dark blue, light blue, gold, and blush. Double Check.

6. Continue adding elegant-to-me touches to my style. Check. While sheltering at home, I do my hair and make-up each day, apply a scent, sport pretty clothes, and wear my pearls, all of which go a long way to making me feel elegant. I’m also wearing midi skirts, pants, jeans, tops and dresses that move in a way that look elegant to my eye. Nothing too short, tight or oversized. Lots of tailored fluidity, swoosh, and romantic flounce. I miss my pointy-toe ballet flats, and hope to wear them soon.

7. Sport my signature style, despite the trends. Check. That means edgy short blonde hair, equal parts classic and trendy, an emphasis on the “soft and pretty”, statement eyewear and handbag, natural make-up, white pearls, white footwear, white jeans, structured outfits, lots of colour, classic patterns, hectic colour combinations, light neutrals, dark blue, flat footwear, fashion sneakers, and no nail polish. Double Check, after I’ve had a haircut!

8. Have a new pearl and gold wedding ring custom-made. Check. Unfortunately I haven’t worn my new ring much because I’m leaving off rings during the pandemic. I’ll have fun wearing it next year.

9. Refresh wardrobe basics like bras, knickers and camisoles. Check. Did that back in January and February, and am more than sorted.

10. Refresh my white jeans capsule with wider silhouettes. Check. Bought a fabulous new pair of white Everlane jeans in February.

11. Embellish my Summer pants capsule. Check. I’ve added trendy high-waisted paper bag chinos and micro checks.

12. Add a new navy, turquoise or light blue wool coat. Not yet, but something might turn up before the end of the year.

13. Embellish my beach & pool capsule for our Summer holiday in Greece. Not really. I bought a pair of long denim shorts and canvas tote for my beach capsule in February, and that’s it. We cancelled our trip to Greece so this is no longer a goal. These items will be put to good use next year.

14. Maybe get a new pair of specs if I see another fabulous pair. Not yet, if at all.

I’m adding another goal:

15. To support the retailers who helped our heroic healthcare workers on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. For me, this has given new meaning to ethical fashion. These retailers had to deal with the enormous stresses of keeping their own businesses afloat, but they found the heart and energy to go into “wartime production” and support the healthcare effort. I’m fully aware that this isn’t entirely selfless on their part — it is no doubt a calculated part of their marketing strategy — but I still appreciate the impact that they are having. It pulls at my heart strings and they have my loyalty.

I’ve almost finished my little refresher shop for Spring and Summer, which is right on track because I prefer to shop early in the season. All that’s left to do is wear the heck out of my stuff and repeat my favourite outfits. I’ll think about Fall fashion if and when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale comes around.

Over to you. How have the changes affected your style goals?