Covid-19 has changed my perspective on style in that it has shed a cold hard light on the amount of workwear I have and won't wear at home (even when working from home). In short: it's too much, even compared to my 'regular' situation of working at the office three days a week (+ 2 days wfh and then the weekend).

But my style goals for 2020 were actually already pretty well in line with this new information. Because I did know I had enough workwear (though it didn't seem like too much yet at the start of the year). I said I'd focus on basics (Angie's definition: underwear & socks), investment pieces like a good coat & bag and casual wear (how coincidental).

How I did with that is another story. Most of my purchases have been in line with my style goals: I got an investment winter coat and new boots. Three pairs of casual pants, a denim shirt, two sweaters and a lightweight bomber jacket for summer. Apart from the summer items all have been worn aplenty already!

I also couldn't resist a new work dress though, and a matching blazer and belt (no find for the belt), and one extra work blouse. I'm sure they'll bring me joy but I haven't worn them yet apart from the blouse, which although polyester is pretty easy to wear for wfh too.

Then I gave in to two needs: a new and more flattering fleece vest to replace an old, worn-out grey thing. And a pair of running shoes to support my renewed interest in running which I hope I'll manage to keep up once I go back to the office and the rat race starts again :s.

I've been ignoring basics until this month, when the frustration over not being able to wear my pretty clothes became too much. So an online order of bras just arrived and it looks like my budget for May will go towards those. To be honest, I also ordered a summer midi skirt that looks gorgeous (no find yet) - but I'll count it towards my casual wardrobe as it's a good 'dress up dress down' piece.

All in all I think I did alright, but did stray a bit, and will have to remain disciplined if I want to stick to these style goals. And I do: I need even more new bras, undies & socks (replenishment long due), probably some casual summer sandals to replace my birkenstocks, and I haven't found anything in the bag department yet either. I hope to lay my focus there later in the year when shopping is allowed and FUN again, because bags need to be seen IRL.

Hope you enjoyed this read as I have enjoyed others' reflections :).