Today’s poll pits two hot-weather options against each other. You are on team shorts if you prefer wearing a pair of shorts to a skirt, and vice versa. Note that any silhouette, length, colour, pattern and fabric of either item counts. 

I have one pair of longish denim shorts that I bought for my beach and pool capsule, and that’s it. I do not feel fab in shorter shorts, and avoid them completely. I also don’t wear shorts for working out. I like wearing dressy knee-covering shorts, like my very old pair of black silk harem pants, but those are harder to find. Knee-covering long shorts are a fringe trend, so perhaps I’ll find another fun pair this Summer.

I stick to breezy A-line or flowing midi skirts instead of shorts. I prefer dresses, but since we’re choosing between separates, I bat for Team Skirts. The collection below shows my current shorts and skirt capsules.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Shorts or Team Skirt? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you have to sit this one out because you can’t pick a side, I’m serving cauliflower mac ‘n cheese, a green salad and flourless apple cake in take-out boxes at the bench so that you can eat your meal safely at home and maintain social distance.