I've ordered a couple of very practical items and wanted to share.

First up, I have seen adds for the Ripskirt and have been intrigued, but skeptical. I decided to order one out of curiosity, because its the kind of skirt I can see being useful for travel (when we are able to do that again), beach and pool, and general summer refined-casual wear.

It's a simple wrap skirt in a fabric reminiscent of board shorts -- no wrinkles, velcro closing at the waist, and available in a variety of lengths. I chose the midi length, of course, in a simple black and white print since I no longer own a black and white print skirt, and it would be very versatile for me in summer.

No pics yet, as I just tried it on very quickly in between some home tasks today, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it fits. I was worried the fit might not be good for me because the models on their site look quite straight-figured through the hips, but one of the great things about this style is that you can close the waist higher or lower, depending on how you need it to fit. I'm happy to report that the hip fit was really good on me with the waist secured at a comfortable spot on my body. I'd say the sizing is slightly generous. I ordered a M (I think equivalent to an 8-10 US) and I'm wrapping it closed with room to spare. Quality seems fine -- not superb but not shabby either. Perhaps a little pricey for what it is, and someone with sewing skills could easily make this, but I think it's worthwhile for me and my life and style.

Second, I have a sporty Champion brand skort from Target from a year or so ago that comes in handy for ultra casual or active warm weather wear. Good for yard work or a walk. So I thought perhaps I could use another like it. I ordered this skort from Athleta and I think it works. Sizing is a little small, I'd say. I got a 10 and it fits but not in a loose way -- it's unusual for me to need a 12 in anything so I'd say the sizes are less than generous. It doesn't look good with the pockets open, but zipped up it's OK on me. Considering the sale price, I think I will keep, but I haven't committed yet.

Lastly, I noted on another thread that some members here recommended the Knix sports bra, and I realized I could use one more sports bra, so I decided to order one to try. I liked the tropical print. I did not have high hopes for this because of the no-underwire style, and the fact that trying ANY bra for a 32G size is usually an ordeal in frustration. However, when it arrived and I tried it on to wear around the house, I actually forgot which bra I had on and ended up going out for a hike in it. So I guess it passes the comfort test! Support is great. My only quibble with it is that it is definitely NOT minimizing -- it sort of pulls the boobs together, which is not necessarily what I need for aesthetic purposes, but with a higher neckline shirt, it works and is not unflattering. It just doesn't separate the girls much, you know? At least it doesn't give uniboob. It seems to breathe pretty well, considering the seemingly substantial fabrication.